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Re: I wish my dreams were that peaceful...
Posted By: bluerunnerDate: 3/8/11 10:22 a.m.

In Response To: I wish my dreams were that peaceful... (munky-058)

: Don't recall how it started, but I had a dream a couple of nights ago, with
: me standing on top of a hill with two other people, near a building. At
: the bottom of the hill, we noticed that a lady was trying to cross a fence
: with a baby, but the two guys with me stated that it was electrified.
: She sat the baby on top first, which set off the electrocution. The baby only
: screamed for a moment, but the lady was freaking out. I rushed towards
: her, and jumped over a rock on the edge of the hilltop. I realized it was
: a 20 foot drop only after I was in the air. My Halo knowledge kicked in
: and I knew the if I crouched when I landed I would be okay. I also
: remembered to try to land on a slope. I adjusted my fall accordingly.
: After safely landing, I ran up to the baby and hit it off the fence with a
: satchel that I had been wearing.
: By that point the baby was rigid and burnt beyond recognition. I jumped a
: lower part of the fence to see what happened. His eyes were gone and skin
: was dark red. The woman was freaking out, but I could tell she was
: planning to run away. I took my phone out to take a picture of her in case
: she ran, but through the screen I could see her pulling out a snub-nosed
: revolver.
: I threw myself at her, feeling a shot hit me in the waist. It didn't hurt, so
: I wrestled the gun out of her hand, and in desperation shot her in the
: face. She continued to struggle, so I fired the four remaining rounds into
: her face, after which she stopped struggling.... That's all I remember...
: I need to stop sleeping...

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