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I saw Bungie's new game in a dream...
Posted By: bluerunnerDate: 3/7/11 5:31 p.m.

I'm going to share with you a dream I had this weekend. In that dream I saw Bungie's new game, and I wasn't too thrilled.

The dream started out about a pony I had as a kid. My parents told me that they had donated it to a petting farm at an elementary school.
"I thought that pony died years ago" I said.
"Nope, still alive. We gave him to the petting farm" they replied.

I headed down to the school to visit my recently-believed-to-be-dead pony. I searched the school (why would the horse be in the school?) and then found the petting farm behind the school. There were a lot of horses back there, so I asked someone where mine was.
"That little pony was yours?" they asked. "He's been terrorizing the other horses and biting the kids".
"Aw, he's just how I remember him" I replied.

Ok, that part had nothing to do with Bungie's new game. Now we get to the game part.

As I was walking out of the school after visting my pony, a mysterious man pulled up in a pickup truck. I never got a look at his face, but he was wearing a wide brimmed hat and a black trench coat.
"Get in. I have something to show you" he said.
"Ok" I replied. Apparently I have no problem getting into vehicles with strangers.

We drive away down a small highway. After a short time we come to a small industrial park. I remember there were a lot of pine trees around it.

One of the buildings in the park had the name of a charity on it. I wish I could remember the name, but I can't.
"That's where Bungie is making their new game" the stranger said.
"What about their offices in Washington?" I asked.
"Those are just for show. This is where they really work. The other offices distract the public from their real work. They use the charity as a cover" he replied.

"Can I go in?" I asked.
"Go ahead. They're so sure about their secrecy, they don't have any security" he replied.

When I got out of the truck, the stranger drove away. I walked up to the doors and opened one. Inside was a large room with cubicles full of busy people. On the walls were large screens. I thought at first that people were playing Wii Sports on them.

As I was standing in the doorway, I saw someone waving at me from the center of the room. It was Cody Miller. I waded through the cubicles to him.
"What are you doing here?" I asked.
"Teaching Bungie how to make a good game" he replied.

Sure enough, he had a workstation set up and I could see he was in the middle of a report on game balance.

"So what's Bungie's new game?" I asked.
"I'll show you" said Cody

He then points to the screens on the wall. On every screen it looks like people are playing golf on Wii Sports. In front of the screens are Bungie employees swinging their arms.
"It's a golf game for Kinect" he said.
"Really? Their other offices and Bungie Aerospace and all that is a cover for a golf game for the Kinect?" I asked, very disappointed.


Just then a lady walked up. She looked like the "Somebody's got a case of the Mondays" lady from Office Space.
"Are you ready for lunch?" she asked Cody.
"Sure" he replied, and then asked "Do you want some lunch? They're serving barbeque. It's not free. You've got to pay cash."

I looked in my wallet but I didn't have any cash. At that point I just walked out of Bungie's secret offices, disappointed in their new game and that I didn't get any barbeque.

Then I woke up.

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