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Re: I saw Bungie's new game in a dream...
Posted By: Stephen L. (SoundEffect) <>Date: 3/7/11 6:39 p.m.

In Response To: I saw Bungie's new game in a dream... (bluerunner)

: I'm going to share with you a dream I had this weekend. In that dream I saw
: Bungie's new game, and I wasn't too thrilled.

: The dream started out about a pony I had as a kid. My parents told me that
: they had donated it to a petting farm at an elementary school.
: "I thought that pony died years ago" I said.
: "Nope, still alive. We gave him to the petting farm" they replied.

: I headed down to the school to visit my recently-believed-to-be-dead pony. I
: searched the school (why would the horse be in the school?) and then found
: the petting farm behind the school. There were a lot of horses back there,
: so I asked someone where mine was.
: "That little pony was yours?" they asked. "He's been
: terrorizing the other horses and biting the kids".
: "Aw, he's just how I remember him" I replied.

: Ok, that part had nothing to do with Bungie's new game. Now we get to the
: game part.

: As I was walking out of the school after visting my pony, a mysterious man
: pulled up in a pickup truck. I never got a look at his face, but he was
: wearing a wide brimmed hat and a black trench coat.
: "Get in. I have something to show you" he said.
: "Ok" I replied. Apparently I have no problem getting into vehicles
: with strangers.

: We drive away down a small highway. After a short time we come to a small
: industrial park. I remember there were a lot of pine trees around it.

: One of the buildings in the park had the name of a charity on it. I wish I
: could remember the name, but I can't.
: "That's where Bungie is making their new game" the stranger said.
: "What about their offices in Washington?" I asked.
: "Those are just for show. This is where they really work. The other
: offices distract the public from their real work. They use the charity as
: a cover" he replied.

: "Can I go in?" I asked.
: "Go ahead. They're so sure about their secrecy, they don't have any
: security" he replied.

: When I got out of the truck, the stranger drove away. I walked up to the
: doors and opened one. Inside was a large room with cubicles full of busy
: people. On the walls were large screens. I thought at first that people
: were playing Wii Sports on them.

: As I was standing in the doorway, I saw someone waving at me from the center
: of the room. It was Cody Miller. I waded through the cubicles to him.
: "What are you doing here?" I asked.
: "Teaching Bungie how to make a good game" he replied.

: Sure enough, he had a workstation set up and I could see he was in the middle
: of a report on game balance.

: "So what's Bungie's new game?" I asked.
: "I'll show you" said Cody

: He then points to the screens on the wall. On every screen it looks like
: people are playing golf on Wii Sports. In front of the screens are Bungie
: employees swinging their arms.
: "It's a golf game for Kinect" he said.
: "Really? Their other offices and Bungie Aerospace and all that is a
: cover for a golf game for the Kinect?" I asked, very disappointed.

: "Yup"

: Just then a lady walked up. She looked like the "Somebody's got a case
: of the Mondays" lady from Office Space.
: "Are you ready for lunch?" she asked Cody.
: "Sure" he replied, and then asked "Do you want some lunch?
: They're serving barbeque. It's not free. You've got to pay cash."

: I looked in my wallet but I didn't have any cash. At that point I just walked
: out of Bungie's secret offices, disappointed in their new game and that I
: didn't get any barbeque.

: Then I woke up.

"Corporate accounts payable, Nina speaking. Just-a mo-MENT!" :)

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