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Page 19

check out this map. I did and though it was great - beautiful realization of what was obviously an attractive real-world structure. Though I had done levels based on real-world structures before (i.e., my house, the office) I had never thought of doing one based on an architectural plan, much less of a building that was good looking. So I spent some time looking for plans, and found one of a cathedral in Durham, England that looked cool, but easy enough to replicate. I spent an enormous amount of time on it, about 4 from-the-ground-up revisions, maybe 80 hours over a period of 3 months (since level design wasn't my job, it was mostly done at home)."

Doug designed "Ex Cathedra" before swimming had been implemented in Marathon 2, which served to illustrate the perils of making content for an unfinished engine. Doug described what happened:

"When I began this level, there was no swimming in the M2 engine and so the watery Grotto was filled with dead ends and traps, like underwater pits. To reach the key room that opened up the rest of the level, you had to make it past a series of jumps between ledges that you couldn't see below the water - tricky stuff. Then swimming was enabled and suddenly the player could simply swim past the traps and tricks. There's a secret door set in the wall of an underwater pit in the Grotto that was originally a big time-saver; after swimming, it was useless and I'm sure few people have found it."

To make the game more realistic, Alex chose to use ambient sounds rather than background music. (As Alex remarked "How often do you find yourself running around a spaceship blasting aliens while the ship's computer is playing music over the loudspeaker?") Players went from the music-filled corridors of the colony ship Marathon to an alien world of thundering skies, howling winds and bubbling lava. The high quality 16-bit sounds employed real-time stereo tracking to paint an aural picture of the environment.

Civilians became leaner and meaner in Marathon 2 as well. the once-hapless Bob had worked up the nerve to return fire and developed some witty repartee in his spare time. Doug Zartman once again supplied the vocals. Doug and Alex pared down a list of roughly 80 phrases (including "Hit the deck!", "Had enough, tough guy?", "It's Miller time!", and "Pull my finger!"), to the 36 which were included in the final game. Bob's voice was a balance of nuance and extremity, prompting fans to wonder if Doug had been attacked with a pair of pliers during recording. Doug explains how he managed the wide vocal range:

"I can't tell you exactly, but it has something to do with a vise and my gonads... I've had a lot of choral training and I used to sing backup vocals in a rock band, so I'm used to vocal performance. Also, we recorded multiple variations of each phrase; i.e., I did about 6 different versions of "Get me outta here!" at different pitches, volumes and stresses, some more funny, some more frightened, and we picked the one that fit best."

Page 20 (Pictures)

Picture 1: Photo of Doug Zartman working at the office. He stares at the camera as he has just woke up.
Text: Doug on a really bad hair day.

Picture 2: Photo of Alexander Seropian sick in bed.
Text: Alex, with puke bowl in hand, after experiencing extreme motion sickness from playing too much Marathon.

Picture 3: See text.
Text: Ryan crossing out bugs on the official bug list (a Domino's pizza box top).

Note: Bungie also used Domino's pizza boxes for similar purposes during the development of the first game.

Page 21

One of Bob's more unusual lines, "Frog Blast the Vent Core!", caused considerable controversy among fans. What was really said, and what did it mean? Dough explains how this arose:

"The idea was that some of the assimilated Bobs become insane from their conversion and run around yelling nonsense. Alex said to me "say something random", and that phrase tumbled from my lips. Totally spontaneous. While I could have sat down and thought up something more random than that, it worked out well, since it sounds close enough to a real sentence that it kept people guessing and generated some fascinating (and totally wrong) discussion about what the phrase was and its meaning. One popular theory was "God bless the Marine Corps!", which was a fair guess, but still wrong."

The stunning chapter art in Marathon 2 was created by Craig Mullins, an industrial designer and illustrator. Craig first came to Bungie's attention through his early Marathon paintings which were freely circulated on AOL and the Internet. Craig explained how these pictures led to his involvement with Marathon 2, and the creative process he used:

"I was approached by Bungie a few months before M2 came out and we discussed chapter screens, new sprites and textures, etc. Alex sent me the chapter overview and I started mulling things over.

"I was initially leery of doing the chapter screens because time was very short for 10 images and other work that had been long planned was already in the works. My friend David Santiago twisted my arm to do them, so I agreed but they would not be as finished or well planned as I had hoped. Most of the M2 screens were done with no drawing and on the fly. Pour some paint out and rotate, distort, filter, hmmm, looks like a trooper in a nunnery... lets go with that.

"I always liked to freely interpret the designs and situations in the game. I worried that the purists might not like that, but the Marathon universe is very large and so much takes place off-screen and is only hinted at in the terminal texts. O wanted to keep the feeling of expanding what was only suggested and go beyond what was already there. What, the marine with the Pfhor staff? Huh? Why not? So much was already done to try and get around the limiting factors of the games rendering engine. The terminal texts suggests that same variety that I hope my pictures do... It was enjoyable to start something and let it evolve and not know where it would end up. Too much of my commercial work is to spec anyway."

Midway through Marathon 2's development, Reg left Bungie. The games graphics subsequently received a radical overhaul at the hands of Bungie's new artist Robert McLees and Mark Bernal. Rob redesigned the weaponry, making the motley assortment of guns and ammo look more functional and futuristic. He designed the famous dual shotgun (with their infamous "far too complicated to explain" method of reloading), answering prayers of many Marathon fans. Rob also carried out some cosmetic surgery on the Pfhor, moving their third eye from what he describes as its "circus clown" position in Marathon to its more "enlightened" position in Marathon 2. This repositioning

Page 22 (Pictures)

4 images of paintings done by Craig Mullins. One is the chapter screen of "Durandal", the other the chapter screen for "Sph'Kr". The third one is one of Craig's early M1 paintings and possibly one of the most famous: a compiler crossing a lava bridge while the Marathon crew are attacked by a blue fighter and another compiler in the background. The last image is the pencil sketch of this painting. You can see all the lines draw by Craig to keep the perspective right.
Text: The art of Craig Mullins.

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