Marathon Symbol Theory
Posted By: JägerDate: 4/19/02 7:46 p.m.

Apologies if this has been debated or posted before; i've mostly on halo forums but i've gotten no responses, debukes, or agreeing from anyone, and i was hoping that some marathoners would like to add or make changes to it. This was written about a week or two again, before b.net stuck up the Marathon Connections; while not answering anything, it does acknowlodge that there's more to the Marathon-Halo connection than meets the eye.

"One of the biggest things that has puzzled me is the Marathonish symbols that are shared by three seemingly completely different races. The forerunners wrote it on their walls, the Covenant wear it on themselves and on their vehicles, and the Humans stick it anywhere they can, including ships and clothing. Coincidence?
I believe, since the forerunner were the first race, they 'invented' it. its found on their structures, which are probably thousands of years old.


Covenant, who fear and worship the forerunner, took it and stuck it on themselves. However, I believe they know the significance of it and understand the forerunner heirglyphs (why else would they wear alien symbols). In addition to the Elites' backs, The Covenant also stuck it on their vehicles too, but slightly different drawing style.


when i look at this picture, i begin to see something. The oustide ring is halo. the large circle inside of it looks like it could be Threshold. And then there's two small circles outside. i think maybe one is Basis and the other is the star of the solar system. There's also two seemingly random lines. Compare with above Forerunner symbol. I think it could be a symbol of a fortressworld. But there were many of them inside the Forerunner structures near the Control Room, or Shrine. Each symbol is dominated by a single ring, accompanied by varying numbers of circles both large and small. Lines and few other symbols decorate the symbol.
Could each symbol represent an indivdual fortress world?

could the conveant worship these worlds of armageddon?

Or are they simply Forerunner writing that is meaningful to the Forerunner; e.g., on the level GS 343 the writing on the wall could say stuff like "bio-labratory", or other utilitarian writing that serves purpose.

Forerunner symbols in full are found here :http://www.telusplanet.net/public/cbarbour/symbols.html

then there's the humans.


now i'm stumped.
In order to theorize about the human origins of these insignia, I could only speculate. By the abudance of the insignia, I'd guess that its probably the insignia of the Navy, or UNSC Forces. But why the designer of the insignia used an ancient forerunner symbol, and why the humans have been using the symbol for hundreds of years (The UESC Marathon had it too) is anyone's best guess. Bungie's sense of humor in using 'parrallel' themes is the only thing I can think of, but I know Bungie would be too conscience of such an obvious link to make it anything but coincidental.
-Jäger "

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