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Posted By: GrasshopperDate: 7/29/01 2:49 p.m.

In Response To: Keyboarders... (Anaphiel)

: I have taught Grasshopper this lesson as well. Now, I begin work on Claude
: Errera. All of you will become mousers... it is your destiny...

In regular Marathon, I've always been, and always will be a keyboarder, end of story. However, where Marathon/Resurrection is concerned, keyboarding against an experienced mouser is like killing baby seals, with the baby seal being me. The best analogy I can think of is, appropriately, M1. In the same way that the M1 engine was designed primarly by keyboarders (someone correct me if I'm wrong here), for keyboarders, with a pretty sloppy mouse input software, even in M1.3, the UT/M:R engine works in reverse, being much more "mouse-oriented." While M:R could potentially be software-fixed to accomodate keyboarders better (having a decent (i.e., faster) turn rate, and for god's sakes, implementing GLANCEing), that probably won't happen (unless the M:R team gets enough people to ask for it), so, for now, I'd better learn the way of the dark side...


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