I be good with both
Posted By: Still ThinkingDate: 7/27/01 5:48 p.m.

In Response To: my thoughts on the keyboard vs mouse debate (Soapstone)

: Being a keyboarder-turned-mouser, I must say that keyboarding is perfectly
: fine, especially in M1, but in M2, M, and AO, mouse-looking with
: InputSprocket allows for better control over your aim and movement.
: However, the process of switching from keyboard to mouse is very
: difficult, because initially you will... suck. This is what seems to turn
: off a lot of people to mouse-looking; they try using the mouse, find it
: exceedingly awkward, and then give up on it. This is okay; one can still
: kick ass in Marathon with keyboard-looking, but in multiplayer games,
: mouse skills really pay off.

Using the mouse means changing the keys to WASD for me. Once I do that I have no difficulty using the mouse except for punching. I found the tranistion quick & painless. however in multiplayer games I found the framerate droped to about 0.5 per second (using mouse) (2 machines, g4 450 host, 225mhz 601e parasite).

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