Re: Volunteers????
Posted By: GrasshopperDate: 7/26/01 6:27 a.m.

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: On Total Carnage right? ;-)

Well, I think it depends on individual skill level. For better or for worse, I simply don't have the amount of time I once had to dedicate to playing Marathon, and I assume others are in the same situation. I'll be doing it on TC, but that doesn't mean everyone else has to. There are other elements of challenge that can be brought in -- for instance, I'm maybe considering doing _some_ of the levels using a mouse (I'm a keyboarder through and through). Another way to challenge oneself would be to play with the "full screen" option on, meaning no Motion Detector, and no ammo/weapon manifest. The last time I did M1, that's exactly what I did -- loads of fun, but you do end up switching back occasionally, as there's nothing more embarassing that meeting that first trooper on Defend THIS with three bullets left in your AR. Heh.


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