Re: Volunteers????
Posted By: Hamish SinclairDate: 7/26/01 12:04 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Volunteers???? (Grasshopper)

: Well, I think it depends on individual skill level. For better or for worse,
: I simply don't have the amount of time I once had to dedicate to playing
: Marathon, and I assume others are in the same situation. I'll be doing it
: on TC, but that doesn't mean everyone else has to. There are other
: elements of challenge that can be brought in -- for instance, I'm maybe
: considering doing _some_ of the levels using a mouse (I'm a keyboarder
: through and through). Another way to challenge oneself would be to play
: with the "full screen" option on, meaning no Motion Detector,
: and no ammo/weapon manifest. The last time I did M1, that's exactly what I
: did -- loads of fun, but you do end up switching back occasionally, as
: there's nothing more embarassing that meeting that first trooper on Defend
: THIS with three bullets left in your AR. Heh.

Warning: the mouse doesn't work well with M1. Your better off using the keyboard.


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