Door Technology
Posted By: William SpencerDate: 7/27/01 10:59 a.m.

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: In the last room, there is terminal about doors. Why doors? Is it because the
: Pfhor lack Door Technology(TM) and are hoping to steal valuable corporate
: secrets?

Jim: "Why the dirty little!!....He's a Klingon agent..."
Uhura: "Very observant of you Kirk...."
Jim: "What are you after ...you..fiend!"
Uhura: "For many years the Klingons have been trying to capture a Federation

Starship...and at last we have succeeded..."
Spock: "...The Federation's greatest technical secrets are incorporated

into its starships.....they'll find out the secret of the warp drive

system.......how our weapons work....how our transporters work..."
Uhura: "Bugger all that.....we want to find out how to make our doors

go 'Sheesh'"
Jim: "How do you know OUR doors go ...'Sheesh'?"
Uhura: "It's no use pretending Kirk, we have evidence...It took us many years

to find out, but our greatest scientists

built a new sensor device that could be used to detect the door

noises on nearby starships..."
Spock: (whispering to jim) "..very ingenious....but also extremely pointless..

...Typical of the Klingons really....they've a lot to learn...

..and it has a lot to do with why we got our own TV series and they


From Episode 6 of VAX Trek, a very funny Star Trek, um, parody (sort of) by David J.Young (was "cnbr10@vaxa.strath.ac.uk", don't know if it still is). I found the parody many years back off an old Nautilus CD; the file was a little bit older, dated 1990. You can still find it on the web, somewhere - I don't have the address.

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