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Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 7/27/01 9:22 a.m.

In Response To: Volunteers -- Bigger Guns (7revor Smith)

: The two "secret" rooms both needed to be grenade-hopped to.

In the version of Bigger Guns Nearby included with the Marathon: Resurrection beta, both of those rooms can easily be reached with the jump key. Blasphemy! :P

: In the last room, there is terminal about doors. Why doors? Is it because the
: Pfhor lack Door Technology(TM) and are hoping to steal valuable corporate
: secrets? How do the Pfhor understand English anyway? I know they have
: translators, but how would they have English translators if they haven't
: made contact with humans before? Could Durandal have sent them
: translators? Am I making a big deal out of nothing?

The relevance of doors to the story has been covered in detail on the Story page... try the Durandal or Strauss sections.

I always thought that the compilers were just yanking chunks of data out of memory willy-nilly, and were getting pretty much random results. Sheer coincidence that when you interrupt them they are always reading something relevant to the game. ;)

Durandal managed to communicate with the S'pht later in the game, so I suppose the S'pht might be able to figure out English quickly. Of course, the idea that they have been in contact before opens up whole new cans of worms...

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