RED 1.1 beta 1
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 8/6/04 11:21 a.m.


The first release of RED 1.1, incorporating all the changes discussed on the forum.

There have been some changes to the physics model that should have been made on each level, let me know if any of the levels got left out:
-Reduce Beetle spit damage
-Everything is vulnerable to fists
-Turtles vulnerable to projectiles (mercury pistol)
-Head bots slowed down and fire drone bolts

This is the complete list of changes made to the scenario. Try to give it a runthrough and see how they affect the game, and if there's anything I left out. I also edited all the terminals to remove various spelling errors, inconsistencies, and (IMO) inappropriate fourth-wall breaches.

Too Tired to Kill?

  • Added 1x health charger opposite starting room terminal.
  • Added terminal text to starting room terminal instructing the player to find Ian in the hangar.
  • Added terminal text to terminals in hydroponics room.
  • Tweaked hydroponics room door to make it less annoying to open.

Noises in the Dark:

  • Door into infected area of ship does not do crushing damage any more.
  • 1x recharger is visible next to save panel to the south.
  • Suicide traps (sticky walls/corridors) removed from catacombs area.

Needs more duct tape:

  • Removed switch hidden in starting room door; the terminal must be read to proceed through the level now.
  • Removed infinitely regenerating Beasts (there are still infinite Beetles).
  • Removed infinitely regenerating 1x health canisters, replaced with 1x charger panel that matches the one on the first level.
  • Terminal and pattern buffer in reactor control room are initially active.
  • The large switch in the reactor control room raises the 1x recharger in the console.
  • Lighting in reactor control room redone to remove glitches (yes, I know I said no aesthetic changes, but under scrutiny it looked pretty dumb and I don't think Ian would mind).
  • Terminal in reactor control room edited to reflect changes to level flow and give correct instructions.
  • Smashable panel in Hydroponics area now only opens cargo bay, not level exit.
  • Chip switch in reactor control room now opens level exit as well as revealing Joshua.

Why did it stop?

  • Switch to lower elevator shaft can no longer be tabbed through the wall without going through the lower area.
  • 1x canister after first pass through elevator shaft.
  • Switch added to side of elevator shaft to lower second platform if the player falls off.
  • Pattern buffer moved to before beetle ambush.
  • Exit teleporter converted to yellow block.

G3 Sunbathing at 300Mhz

  • Oxygen canister next to 1x health canister on second level.
  • Pattern buffer at beginning of second level deleted.
  • Pattern buffer on third level moved to right before teleporter to fourth level.
  • Oxygen canister added to fourth level airlock.

Nothing's too big to Nuke:

  • Prevented access to debugging switch room.

Floating in Agony:

  • Teleporter now places player in back of cargo bay (and not facing wall).
  • Terminals redone in proper failure/success message form and should be easier to tab now.
  • Chapter screen moved to before Metatron of the Void.

Metatron of the Void:

  • Level name changed to correct spelling.
  • Pattern buffer behind front desk in plant entrance.
  • Removed infinitely regenerating head bots.
  • 1x health canister in last room on first floor (just before stairs, with the body parts).
  • Adjusted rubble near annoying door.
  • Annoying door delay increased.
  • Closed off alternate path through catacombs; the player is forced to pick up the 1x canister now.
  • Ammo in alternate paths moved so it can all be collected.
  • Monsters in run like hell room moved so that running like hell is more likely to succeed.
  • Added pattern buffer near end terminal.

Burning down the Park:

  • Added 1x canister to ammo collection in southeast gazebo.
  • Fixed ammo floating off floor near level exit.
  • Swapped later terminal/PB phones to be consistent with earlier terminal/PB phones.

Looking for Floaters:

  • Changed Gattler in final battle to Micheal.

Last Minute Shopping:

  • Changed secret Omega Cannon door to door-like texture and made it emit lock sound when tabbed.
  • Added switch to open this door to balcony above clusterfuck room.
  • Made it easier to get out of the water in sub-basement area.
  • Made it possible to leap to secret 3x recharger platform without using secret weapons.
  • Made it more obvious there's a secret on 3x recharger platform.

Heads or Tails:

  • Increased max shotgun shells to 14 to make sure they are always available at the bridge puzzle.
  • Changed switches to real wires (so they take exactly 1 shot each).

And why did I have to do that sir: No changes (except for proofreading terminals).

Jagermeister's Nightmare:

  • 2 mine packs available at each breach point.
  • Changed instructions in first terminal to have the player discover the "secret" crashed ship area.

Mmm... Tastes Like Evil:

  • Infinitely regenerating beetles removed.
  • Two-stage ambush added to bridge area (some beetles when you first arrive, and more once the bridge is raised).
  • Pattern buffer added right before blood run.


  • Changed terminals to Joshua's writing style.

Can we say mosh pit:

  • Addd mechanism to detect if Ian has been killed and alter final terminal accordingly.

To the Liver:

  • Duplicated two-stage beetle ambush from Tastes Like Evil.
  • The reaver fusion mace second trigger now has 100 shots; this is worth about 5000 health. I did *not* convert every following level to Rebellion, so this 100 shots will cover the rest of the game.

Chaos, Inc:

  • Changed to Rebellion to replace player's weapon loadout upon return from secret level.
  • Placed solid walls around elevator so that player is forced into level exit.


  • Duplicated changes made to Too Tired to Kill and Needs More Duct Tape (recharger in first room)


  • Duplicated changes to Last Minute Shopping (switch on balcony).

How big's your Can:

  • Added "antechamber" with pattern buffer and teleporter to main room.

Up from the Depths... 30 Stories Hight:

  • Wrote terminal to fill empty space, linked it back to Chaos, Inc.

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