RED Volunteers: Nothing's too big to Nuke
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 3/31/04 10:08 a.m.

This huge level is much more traditional than what we've been though before- a relatively simple quest for switches. The terminal gives us some complicated-sounding instructions about hitting a ton of switches, but the level isn't as confusing as it sounds. The ambience here is nice, using the new RED human ship textures; the level is very dark, very gray, and very silent, except for the occasional ambient combat sounds. The light and texture work is beautiful, especially now that you have time to stand around and look at it. The map writing was also accurate before RED's release, it was much later than anticipated (but what scenario wasn't?)

The first thing to do after reading the terminal is to turn around, go through the 2 teleporters at opposite ends of the corridor (tab the glowing panels) and hit the 2 switches in there. These open two larger areas you're about to get to. Going through the center door puts you on a raised, cross-shaped walkway over a sort of giant bay. We may as well pick an order here, so go left first. In here is a small complex containing a number of baddies, kill them and take care of the Turtles and Marines at the south end of the west corridor. Before continuing, head north and broil the Raptor in the room overlooking the reactor- they're a lot less fearsome when you have all your weapons and there's just one of them :P Hit the switch there, it's the 6 o'clock switch controlling the reactor. Next, go back to the Turtle room and head downstairs (northern connection, these rooms overlap). Head north and help the Bobs fight off the Turtle, then save, pick up the 1x health charger, and hit the switch between the pattern buffers- It's the 7 o'clock reactor switch.

Next, go back to the overlapping rooms and head upstairs. You'll come to a huge pool of liquid- take out the Beast in the distance, and a swarm of exploding Beetles will rise out of the pool and flitter around. Shoot them down with the Mercury, if you're lucky one of them will land of the Beasts on the other side of the pool. Beware of Beasts charging around the tank to get you. Once everyone's dead, go north for a large ammo stash and access to a bizarre liquid tunnel and a room where a Bob endlessly yells at some monsters that never attack. Save him, then help yourself to the first 2x health charger in the game. Don't forget to hit the 12 o'clock switch behind a set of cyborg canisters.As you leave this room (via the door, not the liquid), take out the Beast and finally recharge your oxygen, then dive into the sewage for a quick trip to a room with a very important terminal.

This terminal is our first glimpse at the real backstory of RED, and the history of Joshua and his as-yet-unseen brother Michael. It tells the story of an incorporeal creature that finds a fairly psychotic warrior, and watches this warrior not quite prevent his yellow-blooded enemies from freeing Joshua from some sort of prison. All of this seems strangely familiar, as if from an old dream... And check out the chilling logout message before running off. We're done with this branch of the level, head back to the start and save.

Now for the right side. While the left was black, this was white- and while the left was relatively undamaged, the right is completely infested. It's another organic maze, much like the one on Noises in the Dark. The first thing to do is to stick to the east and take out the golden Beasts and a golden Raptor in the north passageway You'll have to use the Mercury Pistol because the Beasts can fire in between shots of the pulse rifle, and the Raptor is just too damn fast. After that, explore the rest of the lower level of the maze, heading west. I'm not sure if the "heavy breathing" ambient sound is meant to be coming from you or the monsters, since it's done with sound objects it appears to come from different directions at different times. Eventually you will reach a relatively undamaged area; at the west end is a door that reveals the 5 o'clock switch.

Go back out to the place where you entered and head upstairs. One thing to be careful about up here is that there are several hard-to-see pits that will drop you back to the lower level. If you hadn't cleared out the lower level before, you'd be surrounded (and dead). Somewhere to the west is a single switch untouched by gunk, I'm not sure which switch this corresponds to since there's already switches for 5, 3, and 6.

Return to the passage where you fought the flame monsters before (lower floor, head north). There's a new opening here that will put you on a platform overlooking a large bay full of pillars. Step very slowly onto this platform, and when the monsters drop down from the cieling hit them with the flamethrower. Then, push the switch to open the pillars and reveal sections of sewage. You have to jump through the sewage to "slingshot" yourself across the room and into the next corridor- a fun puzzle, if a bit out of place in a tense, story-driven scenario. Try to bear right as you strafe-run into the pillar, it will let you pass through a second pillar that isn't visible and ensure you make the jump. Walk around the curve, then aim at the left side of the nearest pillar, that will give you a bit more acceleration and hurl you into a small corridor on the side of the bay.

You're in the reactor's main control room, and things are starting to look bad. The reactor is overloading and sending bolts of power flying around, and Ian (on the left terminal) is nagging you to blow up the ship. The right terminal is a pattern buffer, use it before doing anything else. Ian's wrong about the controls, you actually have to hit the far left switch instead of the middle two. Do so, but then wait around for a bit as the reactor opens. As the light flashes, you get your first good look at Joshua, creator of the Organics, frolicking inside the reactor core (well, ok, just sitting there). You can get a nice portrait of him on the RED site, as well as some cryptic comments from Ian. Read the terminal again for some final remarks. Apparently you are not the mysterious warrior from the previous Joshua terminal, but at least the picture's nice.

After that, RUN. Go through the door that just opened, hit the switch in the small console, head left, run around the new opening and jump into the landing bay. Stop moving anywhere to be beamed off the ship before it explodes.

I didn't bother waiting around to see if the ship actually would explode after 60 seconds, but from looking at the map in Forge, it appears that it will- sort of. 60 seconds after activating the reactor, a set of alcoves in the last area of the level will open, containing packs of fusion bobs. I assume, without checking the physics, that these guys are rigged to instantly kill the player in some spectacular fashion, to simulate death by reactor explosion.

The immediate crisis is over, but the war has only just begun...

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RED Volunteers: Nothing's too big to NukeMark Levin 3/31/04 10:08 a.m.
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