Re: My friends?
Posted By: Bob-B-QDate: 12/7/20 7:47 a.m.

In Response To: Re: My friends? (Forrest of B.org)

: There is an explicit mention in M2 by Durandal of a Pfhor AI and its pitiful
: incompetence compared to him.

Quite. He was so insulted that he downloaded and erased it.

: But yeah, maybe software is the issue. Maybe the Pfhor are just incredibly
: incompetent at building machines that can think well enough to do any
: useful work, so they have to co-opt evolved intelligences, and at best
: augment them with mechanical enhancements.

While there's definitely no shortage of incompetence in the Pfhor bureaucracy, it seems to me that previous accidents with advanced Jjaro tech had a chilling effect on research and development in the empire. Hulk with a cybernetic junction, accidental planet warping, all that fun stuff. Tycho tells us the Pfhor "found much that they were unable to exploit, and they destroyed all known traces of these technologies" after the former incident.

As for who's buying all these slaves, there's that garbled message from Leela on Try Again that appears to say the customers are themselves high-tech races. Perhaps the Pfhor aren't the only civilization unwilling or unable to fully decipher any ancient relics buried on their moons.

: The Juggernauts look in some cases like they are partly organic, what with
: the faces and all. The Drones in M2 also have faces. Could the Pfhor
: install Pfhor brains into machines to build the closest thing they have to
: robots?

Could be, although it might also be that the Pfhor, like humans, build machines with 'faces' like their own. "God created Man in his own likeness" etc.

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