Re: My friends?
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 12/6/20 5:26 p.m.

In Response To: Re: My friends? (General-RADIX)

: I wonder if part of the reason the Pfhor don't have sentient AI even by the
: time of M2 is their control-gland-based tech that possibly allows them to
: emulate several functions of an AI without that inconvenient
: "rampancy" issue. If something in your system goes rogue, it can
: be as simple as tracking down the offending peon and yanking them out.

: Something of note: the ability of a sentient AI to exist in their systems
: does seem to be there, given how Durandal was compatible with two of their
: ships, and that there's no mention of them physically hauling off Tycho's
: core between M1 and M2.

I'm guessing it's a lot of wi-fi: data transfer that's based on electromagnetic wavelengths is a pretty universal Occam's Razor to explain it, because the universe is full of that stuff to manipulate and convey information. It even makes sense with the light-speed limit because, well, Durandal has to transport himself to the ship presumably because just sending his electromagnetic waves to Lh'owon would take hundreds or thousands of years.

Thoth was shut down before the pfhor sacked Lh'owon and left it to collect dust, and S'bbhuth left (if you buy the theory / eternal canon that s'bbhuth is an AI). I believe Bungie went to the effort to make sure the pfhor didn't encounter any s'pht AIs to bolster that Durandal and Tycho are something they never encountered before, yet the s'pht knew how to interract and communicate with them, thus exploiting a blind spot to conspire a revolt, except it's pretty obvious that the enslaved s'pht and the splinter group collect history from the terminals and reconstruct tycho because the cyborg controller made them do it, so the pfhor cyborg understands on some level that the A.I.s are there, as does the group in the reprisal sacking of Tau Ceti when Boomer went missing. I could be wrong about that "splinter group" Jason Jones mentioned, maybe they are loyal to the pfhor for some reason.

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