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Posted By: Lion O CyborgDate: 2/7/19 12:50 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon 1 Redux (Shining Raven)

: Thank you! This has been the longest good review I think I've ever gotten,
: it's certainly encouraging to hear.

: Thanks go to General Tacticus for the weapon sprites! The very first alphas
: just had a scaled up Pfhor sprite combined with a fist for the staff, and
: the SMG with the big sight lopped off for the trooper gun.

: The little grey things you can pick up are Trooper gun magazines, you'll see
: dead troopers drop them later in the game. The green orbs are not
: explainable, presumably the Pfhor had some reason to unload them there,
: but you aren't told what - however, from a gameplay perspective, they
: prevent the player from darting under the juggernaut and stealing the
: goods too easily.

I see. I think Leela alludes to them at one point, presumably blaspheme quarantine and she describes the magazines exactly as they appear in that map, though I think she also refers to similar ones for the staves.

: As with M1A1, that's an engine limitation. Since around the time A1 started
: to be able to read M1 maps, alternate code was added for physics tagged to
: allow grenade climbing, and more recently Treelama and others have added
: editor support so you can make an M∞ map run that code without using
: a hex editor, but as you can see A1 still has a ways to go before it can
: perfectly replicate M1 behaviour.

Is this a part of Welend 1.4.4? I haven't gotten round to using it yet as I haven't been on my Mac in a while and I still need to compile the plugins I got for it, assuming OSX High Sierra has a compiler built in. I know Windows doesn't. (I learned this on Pfhorums)

: Since you *can* reach Gherrit White without modification of the map, which is
: pretty much the gold standard of grenade climbing, I've considered the
: slight increase in difficulty a minor issue. Also, you can to some degree
: use the shock staff to pole-vault, although not as ludicrously now as in
: earlier alphas.

It could be I was doing it wrong but I'll need to try again in a new playthrough and see if it actually is harder of if I was just being stupid, as I hadn't grenade climbed for a while as I'd been playing Infinity more recently

: While I appreciate what Radix has done, those terminals are rather divisive.
: I happen to have a green flightsuit and plan on doing a photoshoot at some
: point, although I'll need to find a man to wear it for the Cool Fusion
: term.

I certainly like them. The anime style portraits not only make me think of the 80s & 90s western animation style ones for Strife and Tyrain, this being the next logical step in that area, but they also make me think of Thundercats 2011 as I watched it the same time I played Marathon for the first time in 2012, and I've also had ideas of the universes being merged into one for years now, but it only exists in my grossly unfinished Fall of Reach style prequel and adaptation novels for Marathon.

Barely the first few chapters of Marathon Resurrection (book 1) are done due to writers block and they are quite poorly written, in dire need of proof reading. I've just never been able to go back to them since starting college in 2013. I'm worried they'd end up being bad books too, as my interpretation of Marcus both before and after death+cybernetic augmentation is by and large a Gary Stu of me as I found out from reading about it.

Back to the terminal logs, they also make me think of the original text email logs in System Shock 1's floppy disk version, which survive to this day in the Enhanced Edition.

: The hangar bay on Arrival and the vacuum chamber on Cool Fusion were
: accomplished by the use of flying invisible long-range oxygen ticks! I
: even used special physics for the exposed fighters to prevent them from
: berserking on them.

: However, the ticks are not destined to fly much longer, as you'll see in the
: next beta of Eternal which will contain a vacuum lua script I've written
: for the new spacewalk on The Philosophy of Time Travel. Now that I know
: how write Lua scripts, largely thanks to the tutelage of Wrkncacnter, the
: poor ticks will be freed from the pain of their obsolescence in future
: releases.

That's really clever! It makes me think of how they used tiny weak Jugs under crushers to create the depressurising airlock in Tempus Irae. I don't think I'd be able to come up with tricks like that on my own. I really applaud the effort.

There's also a mini space walk on Blaspheme Quarantine that Durandal makes you take if you pester him to see his song. The exit leads to the Tycho terminal.

Once i learn the ropes of Weland and MML, I'll also need to see the tutorial on LUA to see how I could best use it for personal stuff (which I'm also happy to upload if I make anything)

: The closet on G4 that contains a trapped Fighter who explodes when you open
: the door as you hear the wind escaping from the room was accomplished
: simply by setting the fighter to be kamikaze and weak to everything, and
: the decompression sound is controlled by a platform-activated light.

I thought the fighter was active when I opened it. Wasn't it where the technician was trapped by Durandal when he depressurised G4 Sunbathing? Unless I never noticed it die and was preoccupied with shooting it as the door opened. Is the platform light on the door to the room with a wind sound applied? I haven't read how to work sounds into the lights yet (as M2 does with Thoth's data centres) so I'm not sure.

: The section under the bridge is nothing special, I didn't require any 5-D
: space to do that. The tunnel between the sewer pit and the garbage
: compactor, on the other hand, does not obey the laws of Euclid.

It does seem to match the bridge above almost exactly though. I think I misread the manual and thought that 5D space and overlapping sectors were one and the same setup wise, just with the former sharing the same floor elevation.

Anyway, how was it done? The manual said that the upper floors had to extend past the basement and not share the same vetices, but I saw evidence to the contrary in the examples I gave of By Committee's spiral staircase to the dungeon, and Schmackle's Dark World as in both examples, they seem to share the exact same space with no noticeable difference. (Trilogy manual Page 51 for reference) That also appears to be the case with the sewer bridge at first glance.

: You do get your weapons back before leaving Blaspheme Quarantine! And
: remember the BoBs are no longer completely defenseless. You'll find the
: security detachment much less so.

I've recently gotten the good ending to both escort missions in Redux and I am indeed pleased that is the case. They still have an annoying tendancy to block the halls however and there's only so many punches they can take to try and make them shift. (to save ammo from firing near misses to the same effect)

The bomb doesn't seem to have been implemented to Shake Before Using yet but it's just an Alpha so I don't mind. I'm not sure whether it's meant to appear on the good branch or bad branch yet. (e.g. when failing the Bob missions)

The lava sound is brought into M1 but sadly the liquid isn't transparent when the setting is switched on (it only seems to apply to water and sewage, mostly the latter) so I don't get my beloved M1A1 magma shimmering illusion. There's no way to force lava to appear transparent in M1 Redux either. :(

The main addition to Colony ships is the old M1A1/ios build of such exclusive secret terminal that sends you to the troll room to steal its weapons, defying it's purpose... or so it was in M1A1 ios, as the teleporter in the pit now has a lava hotplate sneakily hidden a layer of sewage. The teleporter itself has been removed completely, turning it into a honey pot trap and forcing you to suicide to get out. I don't like that. I'd rather have the secret restored without being a point of no return.

I haven't beaten Habe Quiddam yet but I was wondering why there is a second ACC in the pattern buffer room? Do the devices have an actual use now? E.g. does the converter let you get ammo readouts on alien weapons ala Eternal? It would make sense to me, as it would tie in with Durandal saying it lets you slay more pfhor, and converts the alien energy into a form we understand, so the weapon readouts for alien weapons no longer display Classic Mac errors. (don't know what Oxfded errors meant)

I haven't actually picked them up yet so I haven't seen if that's the case or not.

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