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Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 2/2/19 4:49 p.m.

In Response To: Pathways into Darkness Tour of Duty: Final Chapter (Lion O Cyborg)


Lol, commander Keen. Dopefish lives!


: HIT?! BOOOOOO! Iím sorry everyone. This boss fight sucks balls and itís
: only the first in a long line of Bungie being lazy assholes and never
: making proper boss fights.

: The next time they did this was the controller cyborg Pfhor in Marathon, with
: all subsequent boss fights being the EXACT. SAME. COPY-PASTED. BORING.
: JUGGERNAUT FIGHT. No boss against Admiral Tfear in either Marathon 2 or
: infinity, no true Wírkncacnter boss fight in both Aye Mak Sicur and the
: final Vidmaster level as an apology for this garbage excuse for a final
: boss, NOTHING! I bitch about this a lot in my Steam screenshots of
: Marathon, especially my Infinity ones.

: In Halo, thereís no boss fights but it makes up for it by having the Pillar
: of Autumnís reactor destruction and timed escape sequence. I still would
: have liked to have us fight Guilty Spark during the former though, even if
: we just stun him.

: Halo 2 averts this by having true boss fights at long last and itís better
: for it. I donít care if theyíre basic or cryptic, itís something.

You should see the ending of ZPC. Technically not Bungie (ableit using the M2 engine), but it tops all of that.

: This ladies and gentlemen, is why we need the lead box. The gemstone is
: radioactive. If I donít have the box nor think or dropping it now and then
: to rest or otherwise drink some silver, I will die of radiation poisoning
: long before I reach the surface. Quickly, I shove the gemstone in the box
: and slam the lid shut.

: The labyrinth slowed me down more than it needed to as I went to the wrong
: ladder at first. I can never remember which ladder goes up there so good
: thing for maps. Time to see whatís inside.

I can't even tell you how much tension it added to the escape when I didn't figure out the lead box thing. Getting past the Labyrinth was a nightmare, and stopping to rest every few minutes drained so much time when I thought there was plenty to spare for the return trip. The last boss was a joke, but the gemstone was the pyramid's final nasty surprise.

: Wow, they werenít kidding. Thereís a ton of gold ingots here. And they are
: all MINE! The final dead Nazi is amnesic too. Even after the recent
: updates to the OSX version of Pathways, the conversation with him IS STILL
: BUGGED. I tried this using the latest version on my physical Mac and runs
: into the same thing: attempting to speak to him causes some of his lines
: to fail, such as when you ask about Muller, preventing him from answering
: and making his dialog box not close when you try to, even after picking
: other options.

: Sorry to finish the conversations with the dead on a bad note but Iím forced
: to cheat for this one and just link to his conversation page on the PID
: Story Page.

: http://pid.bungie.org/deadbeware.html

: He lived on Prague before Czechoslovakia split from Nazi Germany and become
: the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He agrees that Muller was a greedy
: bastard. I think the original use for this gold was as a necessary puzzle
: item to put on scales to unlock a door. However, the puzzle was never
: finished so they kept the gold room as an optional reward after beating
: the final boss. Walter murdered this man so he could take the gold for
: himself but he got killed before he had a chance to get far enough with
: just one ingot, just one floor below the surface in fact.

I was confused that he said he was from Prague at first, with my knowledge of geography. But Bungie wasn't wrong; it's a very subtle history lesson (anyone but bungie writing would have the character go 'WHAT?!!? Prague is in the SSR now?! NOOOO WE FAILED!!!!!!!!' after the protagonist points it out)

: He tells us about the alien gemstoneís purpose though we already know that
: after speaking to Javier. When he mentions the box, it implies that Walter
: intended to print more gold using the box Ėnever mind the bars donít
: actually fit- which is why he only took one. Maybe the box would have been
: able to do so at one point, which was needed for the scales puzzle. Before
: over-encumbrance was removed (due to not being fun), the Forever Bag could
: have been intended to allow you to carry all the gold found and printed
: for the puzzle, as well as anything else you had, without being weighed
: down, as gold is a very heavy metal as it is.

I think the gold not fitting was intentional irony at the very beginning, and a red herring/false assumption that helps you figure out that the cedar box duplicates ammo. Putting in the gold bar is the first thing the player tries, even though they were TOLD it doesn't fit. If it worked, they might not think to do anything else with it. But if gold ingots can't fit in the box, maybe something else can. What else is scarce and valuable and weighs less than a gold ingot? You need to figure this out just to get past the blue meanie's absurd HP count, and the lower floors just get more ridiculous.

As for the puzzle... heck, maybe the puzzle was JUST being able to get the gold out to get the bonus points. Imagine getting there without a santa sack and you can't even carry them all without getting overburdened.

: Thank all of you for putting up with me and my errant ramblings through all
: those years. It has been an honour to be part of the Tour of Duty series.
: After a break including time to play the original trilogy on my Mac with
: HD graphics off (sans monsters in the later games), I hope to resume Tour
: of Duty this time in Marathon itself, namely Marathon Eternal X Omega (the
: non 1.2 version). I do hope to include as many differences in Eternal X
: Omega v1.2 in a bonus writeup of that.

Putting up with you has been a pleasure XD
Seriously, it's been great to have you. This forum gets boring when it goes quiet for long periods of time.

I think Perseus and Martin at least want to do eternal after Excalibur, since excalibur only came first in the queue because of a poll and you have to play DiaBD first. We'll have to see when/if we're ready to collab on eternal or let you do it on your own.

: After Eternal, Iíd love to cover Halo Combat Evolved PC: Single Player
: Version 3 as my contribution to Halo writeups.
: This is Lion O Cyborg AKA Dark Redshift, disciple of Solaris/Iblis &
: Mephiles, Rampant Dreamer, signing off. See you all starside. :)

Version 3? Was I doing the inferior version?
If halo 2's been ported to PC yet, I could give that a go.

: FATAL ERROR Your terminal is infecccc....


OH WAIT!!!!!!!!!!

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