Re: Tour of Duty - Arrival *LONG*
Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 6/29/12 8:13 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Tour of Duty - Arrival *LONG* (Godot)

: On the subject of 'fog'. There isn't any in Marathon. Turn that eye candy off
: and play the game as it was meant to be.

Yes, well I'm discussing M1A1, as I lack the means to play the original. As such, I wish to take full advantage of M1A1's capabilities. Besides the point, you can just ignore what I said about fog if you wish.

: On the subject of Orange Fighters. There isn't any on this level. Flip that
: puppy up to Total Carnage and play the game as it was mean't to be played.
: Don't be a Spazeroid. ;)

In that case, there aren't any Orange Fighters on any levels. Of course, I could be wrong, seeing as the first encounter of every level tends to be a fatal one to me.

: On the subject of space walking. Make perfect sense, the hangar was
: decompressed, so you couldn't exit by the door at the top of stairs. No
: alternative but to go outside the hangar and find an airlock door. UESC
: Battle Armor is guaranteed vacuum enabled... for short durations.

Good point. That would explain the hangar bay door being locked. Now, I imagine that the airlock door that we start off having our back to leads into a sort of decompression chamber. Think about that red hallway-like thing in 2001, when Dave Bowman has to re-enter the ship without his space helmet. One door leads to the vacuum of space, while the other leads inside to the ship. The door we have our back to at the beginning of Arrival is the latter door (equivalently speaking, of course).

: On the subject of Compilers. The first time I played I rushed around killing
: these as fast as I could believing that if I didn't their hacking would
: change the course of the game. Of course it didn't but it created a great
: sense of urgency. It took a lot of work to try and get the Compilers in
: M1A1 to behave in much the same way was they did in the original game.
: That is they should ignore you as you approach being so engrossed in their
: task of hacking the computer system.

Actually, in later games, it's a lot easier, isn't it? As in, set them to 'Blind' in the map editor, but not to 'Deaf', that way they can't see you at first but they can hear your gunshots. Couldn't this logic have been used in M1A1? Or am I missing the point?

: Carry on sir... great job. :)

Why, thank you. ;)


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