Re: Tour of Duty - Arrival *LONG*
Posted By: YossarianDate: 7/3/12 12:20 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Tour of Duty - Arrival *LONG* (Godot)

: On the subject of 'fog'. There isn't any in Marathon. Turn that eye candy off
: and play the game as it was meant to be.

Indeed. But praise be to the years of work that's gone into Aleph One and the scenario conversions, otherwise I'd be having to resurrect my old Mac whenever I wanted to take an ol' frontal assault down memory lane. Great coincidence that on the night I resolved to download AO and all the scenarios I should revisit this very forum to find another walk-through initiative freshly under way.

Has it really been 16 years since I'd first Arrived on the Marathon? After being used to years of only weakly Mac game demos Marathon was a watershed, no game had ever got my heart racing like that before. I was in love. The machine I first played it on, an Apple Performa 600 however, was in more pain than love with the game, which is why I had to play it music off with every other line drawn. By the grace of the Marathon community and the volunteers I can now enjoy the canon and miscellanea all over again on my modern computar machine. I must agree with the man worth waiting for, the fog's out of place in M1.

: On the subject of Compilers. The first time I played I rushed around killing
: these as fast as I could believing that if I didn't their hacking would
: change the course of the game. Of course it didn't but it created a great
: sense of urgency. It took a lot of work to try and get the Compilers in
: M1A1 to behave in much the same way was they did in the original game.
: That is they should ignore you as you approach being so engrossed in their
: task of hacking the computer system.

Ha! At first I didn't know what to make of the compilers, I hoped they were harmless or possibly a complement of the ship and they'd leave me alone. I learned pretty quick though, those robed beasties were scary and it really did feel like you were doing Leela a favor by dispatching as many of them as quickly as possible. It was a welcome change to have them fighting on your side later in the game. S'Pht...deep down they're really good people.

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