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Posted By: DocumentDate: 12/2/11 6:58 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Aleph One 1.0 (treellama)

I'm using Windows XP, for the record; should've mentioned that to start with.

: I'll address some of these inline. Hopefully it's informative.


: What I'd like to do is add a way to specify a window icon in the scenario
: MML; that way even if you run a third party scenario it will show up in
: your task bar correctly. Unfortunately, there wasn't time to add this for
: 1.0.

: This was discussed, and we decided to leave them in. You're right, there's no
: way to disable them.

Fair enough.

: They're still rendered at 640x320 and then scaled up. Plus, we're not using
: TrueType fonts because film playback and co-op sync depend on exact font
: metrics (!!!) :C

...wow. My automatic response is "there has to be some workaround; can't you do one thing internally and display another? Can't you make it an option?", but you're the expert and you're presumably still not getting paid for this, and I agree with the philosophy that too many user options is bad.

: There are some options in the preferences for scaling up terminals.

Set to Largest they still look like this.

: This was changed (in Marathon 2) to make co-op work. It's not out of the
: question to emulate the old behavior in solo mode if/when we get true
: native file support working.

Cool if so.

: It was the default!

: We tried to mitigate this a little by making the default color in Marathon
: red. The other two games probably still use slate.

I just deleted everything in d:\My Documents\AlephOne and the game-folder Preferences file (not sure why there's both) and...hang on, it still remembers my controls. Do I need to delete something in the Registry? (Also, why just Marathon?)

: Yeah :(


: Never stop running, never stop firing.

I remember seeing someone else complain and say nobody used it; guess I was being overcredulous of his overgeneralization. (I don't remember what the original default was.)

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