Durandal, Strauss, and doors
Posted By: MrHenDate: 11/30/07 10:57 a.m.

I was poking about trying to update the Leela article at the wiki, which meant digging through the terminals on Arrival. I ran into the door terminal. Naturally, I began asking the age old questions:

Why would Durandal need to control the doors? What would be the reason behind it? Assuming that it was completely random, why is so much attention given to the subject?

So, assumption: someone wanted Durandal to be in control of the doors. Who; why?

Does Durandal himself want control? Doubtful. Tycho makes comments about torturing him by making him open doors. (For Carnage, Apply Within (Terminal 1)) There are also references to him controlling doors before the Marathon, on Mars. (Marathon 2 Manual)

Durandal also has control of other vital functions: life support, kitchens, air reprocessors (Bigger Guns Nearby (Terminal 3)). In other words, air, food, movement...

This means Durandal controls... well, everything involving people.

So I was thinking, who would want Durandal in control of people? The obvious answer is Strauss. If Strauss thought he controlled Durandal than he would have thought he was in control of the people...

There are other theories about Strauss trying to test AI, which I doubt the rest of the colony would very happy with. If Strauss pulled Durandal into a position where he could lock-down the entire colony ship and had a pack of battleroids nearby, then he had some sort of plan.

In a somewhat unrelated note, I also noticed that Leela welcomes you to the Marathon in the first terminal and introduces herself. Leela never impressed me as someone who would say something tongue-in-cheek... so why is she introducing herself? Have you two never met before? If you are a security officer, why is there no previous relationship? When, exactly, were you taken out of stasis?

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Durandal, Strauss, and doorsMrHen 11/30/07 10:57 a.m.
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                                                     Right, like idle processing powerMrHen 12/6/07 1:04 p.m.
                                   disappointing, though, that it's rubicon *NM*thermoplyae 12/3/07 7:24 a.m.

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