Marathon RP game. *LINK*
Posted By: qwaringDate: 7/26/07 1:53 p.m.

Hello, everyone. I recently had an idea for a message board based role playing game that is set within the Marathon universe. It is meant for a RP site that I belong to. I'm hoping to find other Marathon fans that would be interested in joining. At least three other players might be enough to start the game.

I made a series of terminal-like images that will hopefully give you an idea of the story I have in mind, and I thought it would set a little atmosphere for the game. The link inlcuded with this post will lead to the first image. Click on the terminals to be linked to the next image and eventually it will lead to the thread where the planning for the game is taking place.

The story is pretty open. I welcome any ideas and suggestions from anyone that wants to play.

Questions? Comments?

Terminal 000

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Marathon RP game. *LINK*qwaring 7/26/07 1:53 p.m.
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