Marathon 2 and Infinity with AlephOne
Posted By: Peter MillerDate: 1/26/06 9:34 p.m.

Greeting kiddies!

Seeing as nobody had done it and I was having a bit of a withdrawl from not having a good game of Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity in the last four years, I decided to remidie the problem.

I played and completed the Marathon (1) port (AlephOne)... It was dull, no real change as I found the original to be a tedious menace, rather than an enjoying thrill!!!

What I truely missed was the fun of the Bobs chanting "Get Hime He's A Traitor" or "Hey, He's Shooting at US!!" before dodging several bullets...

So I decided to see If I could get Marathon 2 or Marathon Infinity working with the AlephOne engine.

Well, it is easier than some may think...

I found that I could get immediate result by copying the original files from Marathon 2 and Marathon Infinity, this worked as planned and I was able to play the scenarios from those two games,

-You must remove the "Tracks" and "Scripts" folders also.

HOWEVER, the music files did not work?!

for any questioning this, the new music files are not the same format as the old ones, in fact they are just simple AIFF (WAV for Windows) files! ...and as I found could be played with Quicktime...

SO, playing with my tried and trusted resource editor "ResEdit" - I decided to fix this.

-The process is very simple, what one must do is change the 'file type' of the old music file to "AIFF" and the 'owner' to "TVOD" - this will enable AlephOne to recognize the file as being an "AlephOne Music File".


1. Remove the following files from the AlephOne folder.
a. M1A1 Shapes.
b. M1A1 Images.
c. M1A1 Sounds.
d. M1A1 Map.
e. M1A1 Music (this is the sound you here when opening AlephOne, originally coded into Marathon, i.e. Marathon had no "Music" file. (it was hard coded MIDI)
f. the "Scripts" folder.
g. the "Tracks" folder. (what was hard coded MIDI in the original release.
NOTE 1: the "AlephOne" application is the only essential file.
NOTE 2: the removal of the scripts folder resets the button position to their normal positions, it would in fact be possible to make your own 'main screen', but would be tedious and gut-wrenching!!!
2. Add the following files.
a. Marathon 2 or Infinity Shapes.
b. Marathon 2 or Infinity Images. (NOTE: only ONE Images file can exist in the program folder, choose. - However, it would provide interesting results to mix and match! - forget that last bit!!)
c. Marathon 2 or Infinity Sounds.
d. Marathon 2 or Infinity Map.
NOTE: Launch AlephOne and make sure the 'physics', 'shapes', 'sounds' and 'map' file are correct.
3. Modify the following files. (this is for the over enthusiastic vid-master, a nerd, or someone who likes the game music THAT much *shudders*
a. Open a resource editor. (I am using ResEdit)
b. Open either the Marathon 2 or Infinity Music file.
c. Open the 'basic file information'.
d.change the following information.
i. "File Type" to "AIFF".
ii. "File Owner" to "TVOD".
e. Save the changes
f. Launch AlephOne, Voila! Music! (hopefully...)

So, Happy Happy, Carnage, Carnage

"Fatum Iustum Stultorum"


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