DiaBD Volunteers - Let's get out of here!
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 6/16/05 7:55 a.m.

As promised, another instalment in our saga. Last time we met Mithrandir, the space station AI, who sent us here to deal with the "pirate" infestation (sorry, I still think of them as Pfhor). Surprisingly, this isn't an extermination level - and a good thing, too, since we'll potentially encounter a hoard of MOAH's that are easier left alive. In any case, the radiation level here it too high and, hence, we need to get through an airlock and outside the station for Mithrander to be able to get a lock on us and send us out.

This is a nicely constructed level that gradually builds in complexity, offering increasingly difficult puzzles and monster ambushes to confront. There are some nice terminal graphics here to give the feel of an attack in progress, not unlike those seen in M1. There are also some nice secrets here, but none so obscure that they'll never be found - indeed, their locations are clearly shown in some of those terminal picts if you look for them. The initial part of the level involves clearing out some passages, flipping switches and damaging circuits. There is a stairway leading to a room that becomes an ambush, but it's fairly easy to circle the enemy and eventually take down the hunters that remain up on a ledge. Be sure to blast yourself up to that ledge to pick up a fusion battery pack. A PB and 1X recharger are off this room, but watch out for the ambushes triggered when you approach them. Be especially warry of the release of some bob's, some of whom have an explosive personality.

A large platfrom down a corridor to the north should now be operational. There are several passageways off of this platform at varrying heights. One of these leads to a room filled with galaxons and a terminal that gives away the location of some secrets. Another leads to a rather unusual 5D area that is one of the best I have seen. Right away you know it is 5D because of a passageway that doesn't intersect a corridor that crosses it. But that's just the beginning. You will come to a room with a fountain in the center and doorways that seem to lead to a single corridor that encircles the room. It doesn't take long, however, to realize that something isn't right. If you take the first doorway to the right after you enter the room and travel all the way around it back to the point where you enter and then look in map mode, you'll notice a line directly across from you that shouldn't be there. This is because the corridor you just traversed has a wall where you can clearly see a doorway. If you now enter that doorway, you'll find yourself in another corridor that encircles the room with the fountain but, although it occupies the same space as the first corridor, it looks very different, with lights and wall textures that bely some doors that will open soon. If you exit the second corridor back into the room with a fountain through any doorway other than the one through which you entered, you'll notice a new switch. Did you just lower a door that exposed the switch? Well you lowered some doors alright, but not in front of the switch. As soon as you entered the fountain room, you opened those large doors in the second corridor to reveal yet another outer corridor that is filled with pirates. After dealing with them appropriately, you'll find some nice goodies in that outer corrider, so don't forget to explore it. Finally, return to the fountain room and renter the second corridor using the doorway where you first entered it. Surprise, you're in yet a third corridor, and you'll finaly find that 2X shield recharger. What we really have here are two separate fountain rooms, both itentical except for that switch. Don't forget to flip it, BTY. Very nice use of 5D.

Next there are a couple of additional rooms with switches to flip. They are much simpler than the 5D area. One of these has a series of transporters all over the floor. These are visible in map view. After clearing the room and flipping the switch, simply proceed in map view until you find the one that takes you back up to the exit. The second room can be hellish. The trick is to get in and out quickly and then return for the goodies. Drop down into the room, circle around, flip the switch on the wall opposite the entrance and continue to circle around back to the start. Ride the platform back up to get out of the room and let the remaining monsters take each other out. After recharging your shields, you can return to mop up and enter the structure in the center, which contains a switch you need to flip. But wait, there's still a nice cache of rocket ammo down below in the MOAH moat. Since the MOAH's tend to congregate right in front of the ammo, drop down at the other end and lure them around - you can then run and grab the ammo, run back and flip the switch that raises the moat, run and flip the switch on the back wall and then run back to the exit. Of course, you could try to take out the MOAH's, but hunters are pretty slow beasts and it's a lot easier to just out-run them.

Finally the door at the top level will now be open. This leads to the airlock and the exit terminal. I really like the way this terminal is done. Mithrandir is still haveing trouble getting a lock on you and he thanks you in advance for your help, just in case the transport doesn't work. You see a termianl pict of you standing in front of the terminal. The picts starts out very fuzzy and clears with each tap of the tab or return key. Very nicely done. Very nice level overall.

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DiaBD Volunteers - Let's get out of here!Steve Levinson 6/16/05 7:55 a.m.
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