Re: Durandal & Rubicon
Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 1/26/05 11:18 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Durandal & Rubicon (Andromeda_5[Kilo])

: They use that a lot in Star Trek, I find it quite interesting. Showing
: something that could-have-been without making it permanently screwing up
: the whole story.

I don't so much mind stories where some string of events is undon or changed via time travel. What blows is the "and all that story we told you, wasn't at all real, even in a transtemporal sense of the word". That's what the popular impression of Infinity seems to be: that by going through Infinity, you haven't just redone M2 with things winding how up they do in the end of Infinity, but that the end of Infinity didn't happen either - all it did was make it so that, mysteriously and with no explanation, no W'rk was released in the M2 timeline.

: Well, the character can only go with one timeline, (unlesss he's a paradine).
: So the other timelines wouldn't "dissappear", they'd just never
: again be experienced by the characters.

By the character(s) who are time-travelling, maybe. Everybody else in those realities are still there. Everything is duplicate across timelines; people, plants, and planets. This is actually a bit confusing with how Infinity does time travel; it seems the player's MIND alone is travelling back into his past body, so one wonders, what of his future body? Does it vanish, collapse dead, what? Doesn't really matter anyway, since those timelines are destroyed by W'rkncacnter. Alternatively, if the player physically transported his body into the past, there would then be two of him. Maybe he transports his future body back in place of the past one?

: Then you will end up dying several million times over, but the
: "story" won't focus on all your dying selves...instead you'll
: continue to live in the one timeline where things are changed.

Not neccesarily millions. Could just take a few to figure out the successful path, ala Infinity or most time-travel stories.

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