Re: Durandal & Rubicon - well Forrest...
Posted By: Andrew Nagy...mbDate: 1/27/05 8:24 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Durandal & Rubicon - well Forrest... (Blayne)

: Marathon-> Marathon2-> Marathon Infinity corrects defects in the M2
: timeline that caused the Chaos beings to be released from Lh'ownons' sun
: ->
: ->WMaiD occurs-> Rubicon occurs-> [whatever else until the end of
: time] ->
: ->concluded by the end of time, and Durandal's realization in the M:inf
: endscreen that the player is "Destiny".

: That's my perspective on it. Am I missing anything?

The M2/Ne Cede Malis universe is destroyed. You go all the way back to before M2 to find a workable timeline. Infinity occurs directly after M1 in that timeline.

The M2 final screen happens sometime after Aye Mak Sicur/WMaiD.

I don't know if it can be [?proven] that M2, except for the final screen, is all a failure timeline. Does the final act of Infinity make sense if you assume that it picks up right after Road to Sol?

Maybe most of M2 is preserved, but you have to go back and overwrite the last few levels. Does it make sense if you assume you're being dropped onto Lh'owon (either your whole body, or just your mind) during the events of any M2 level?

So, you play M2 in 1995. You're led to care about what happens to the characters. You're thrilled that Tycho was defeated, and relieved that the Bobs got to return home. You spend a year wondering what will happen to them next.

Then you play Infinity and find out that none of it mattered, because it was all in a failed timeline anyway, so everything continues from M1. Kind of a cop-out, even if just the last few levels are discarded, but that doesn't mean Greg didn't take that route.

More generally, it's a cop-out if you lay down certain events in one volume of a story, then have a later volume go back and erase/bypass those events. Agreed?

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