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Posted By: Forrest of B.orgDate: 1/26/05 9:35 a.m.

In Response To: Durandal & Rubicon (tcm)

: my questions (finally!): rubicon takes place after infinity, i assume (but
: before the end screen - the closure of the universe). why are you back
: with durandal? didn't he let you go? is he just durandal, or is he the
: durandal-s'pht ai (i assume it was thoth) you merged together in infinity?
: or does rubicon take place in an alternate timeline, where durandal and
: thoth never merged?

Rubicon seems to pretty much ignore the existence of Infinity, except thematically with the dream levels. It follows directly after Marathon 2, with no concept of a W'rkncacnter release, the collapse of Lh'owon's sun, the merger of Thoth and Durandal, any of that. It's as if Infinity never happened.

The majority opinion here, thanks to the explanation of Mark Levin during the original Volunteers series, is that the events of Marathon Infinity "fixed" all timelines and Marathon 2 continued on exactly as it would have had Infinity never mentioned any W'rkncacnter release, and all the effects that took place to fix that - basically, people here seem to believe that in the final "one true timeline", Infinity didn't happen. I have serious issues with that, both literary-artistically and temporal-mechanically, and think it's better to say that Rubicon has some serious issues with the foundation of it's story, than to say that one of the original Marathon trilogy effectively never happened.

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