Re: Evil Volunteers: Septic Exodus
Posted By: Mark LevinDate: 2/8/04 9:03 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Evil Volunteers: Septic Exodus (Steve Levinson)

: From what I've learned from Mark, the rail gun might be a better
: choice

Yes, I ended up using the railgun as my primary weapon on this level. There are a lot of places where the enemies are funneled into narrow hallways, and the double or triple damage when they bunch up will really knock the stuffing out of them. There's another thing to keep in mind when staffing Mystics (if punching a monster is fisting... :P ): There's a quirk of the Marathon engine (and a lot of other games in general) that the faster an object is moving, the less accurate the physics become. If you've trapped a Mystic in a corner and banging away on it with both staff triggers, it's absorbing a tremendous amount of virtual velocity from all those impacts, and sometimes they start to act a little strange.

This level was apparently made by CJ and FM, and once again features puzzles requiring you to travel all over the map. There are 4 main areas to defeat:

1. A small room containing a platform puzzle very similar to the one on Central Command Sector from SONK. The main differences here are that all the switches are in the same place, and the platforms' effect on each other is more complex. This puzzle has several nasty little tricks in it; the outer two switches both control the same platform, and it's not necessary to hit either of them since that platform is already in the right position. On the map, the final room of this sector is marked as "3"; these numbers are apparently mnemonics for the tags activated by each switch.

2. The "huge tank" puzzle, and associated multilevel platform and water maze. The north switch partially opens the door into the sewage teleporter control room; the western switch opens the door to a critical part of sector 3. The presence of water on a sewage level is a cheat; it's just a texture added to the set and if you shoot it it won't splash. This isn't the first time Evil has done something like this; there was some water on the lava level All Dressed Up and we'll see some more on Shmackle.

3. The largest sector runs all over the map, including the 5-switch room and a large sewage maze full of Drones. You'll want to be very careful of green suicide drones, as they will take nearly all of the 1x health which is all that's available on this level. There are a few secrets here, like the ammo cache already mentioned in the far east, and a nuke packet and some rockets in a room in the far west near the switch/PB/charger cluster.

4. The final room has the "combination lock", which is a rather primitive mechanism when compared with inventions that appeared later courtesy of Jason Harper. You must hit 2 switches, then a third, and hope you got the right one. The control mechanism is a pair of platforms which must each be activated twice to "pass through" the motion of a third platform which can set off both of them.

I always rationalized the story behind this level as the reversion to the older method of sewage pumping allowed Felix to hack the teleporter and redirect it.

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