Re: Evil Volunteers: Septic Exodus
Posted By: Steve LevinsonDate: 2/8/04 6:05 a.m.

In Response To: Re: Evil Volunteers: Septic Exodus (Dr. John Sumner)

Wow, that's a great strategy. Not as bold as mine, but if you're vidding the level and have only 1X shields and the magnum, it may be the only way to go. I basically run around and around the entire courtyard area, trying my best to avoid taking damage and occasionally using the AR to pulverize the cyborgs, particularly when they are coming at me through that one narrow point. From what I've learned from Mark, the rail gun might be a better choice, although the AR has the advantage of stopping the cyborg from firing back. Once I've cleared the cyborgs, I take out any remaining drones and Mystics using the Pfhor staff - I may have to run circles around them but I can usually do this safely. Finally, I activate the cyborgs outside the central structure. As soon as I activate them, I jump down and resume circling. Sometimes if I'm lucky, they'll all be filing out of the entrance to the stairs and I'll be able to trap them and take them all out at once with the AR. If not, I'll proceed as before. Byt this time, if I'm still alive, I'll attempt to open the door to the central structure and ativate the first cyborg (or 2) and the drones inside, then retreat outside. With careful timing, I can open the door just as they reach it and blow them away. By the time I'm done, if I survive I have virtually no shielding left. If I don't survive, which is quite often, I have to start over. Next time - if there is a next time - I think I'll try it your way.

: I concur completely with Steve about this level. Of all the many scenarios I
: have played, and given my style of playing, this particular level stands
: out as having the most difficult beginning for me. It took me a long time
: before deciding the best way to handle this opening. Steve, I am not sure
: what strategy you used. Here is what I finally decided was the best
: approach for me. There are two sets of stairs leading up to the narrow
: platform surrounding the central structure. If you look directly across
: the courtyard from these stairs, there is a raised hallway that leads to a
: door that is currently not open. Once I am dropped into this level, I
: immediately head up the stairs, activate all the enemies that teleport at
: the top of the stairs, and then quickly leap across the courtyard and into
: this hallway. There are no enemies initially positioned there. I found
: that it makes the perfect "relatively safe" spot where I can
: snipe at the enemies below. Occasionally one of the drones or Mystics will
: wander down the hallway. However, the Pfhor staff is usually enough to
: ward them off. Once the enemies below are all defeated, then I move inside
: the central structure and take care of those. Steve is right....once you
: secure the PB and recharger, the rest of the level is not hard at all.

: Overall, I really liked the level. But I absolutely hated the opening.

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