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Posted By: Nerrolken <>Date: 7/2/03 10:54 a.m.

In Response To: Re: mnemesis: my theory (HAHAHAHAHAHA) (alex cross)

I think this forum has just had a breakthrough. Whenever we talk about the Humans and the covenant, we assume they are two different entities. Either the Covenant were the Forerunners, the Humans were the Forerunners, or somebody else was the Forerunners. What if the Humans and the Covenant were of the same race, with Humans being just like the Elites or the Jackals: just another species in the group. For whatever reason, there was a civil war, just like you outlined, and so the Covenant are trying to revive the system of unification, hence their incorporation of other species, but they are purging the rebels, hence the unexplained hatred of the humans, without any attempt to incorporate them. That would explain the human-like nature of Halo, but the Covenant writing system in it: the Humans were involved in building it, but the Covenant have perserved the writing system. The Covenant would obviously think the Forerunner technology was sacred, because it would be a father-civilization similar to our idea of Atlantis. They are trying to re-build the Forerunner idea, but over time that REAL civilization has been diefied to the point of godhood. That would also explain why the Covenant, who obviously had prior knowledge of the Halos and the Forerunner technology, so blindly released the Flood: they had grown to think of the Forerunners as a utopian society, incapable of making anything that would require caution while handling. This theory would explain:

1) Why the Forerunners are reveared by the Covenant.
2) Why the Covenant hate the Humans.
3) Why the Halo seems to be of Human origin.
4) Why the Halo has seemingly Covenant writing.
5) Why 343-Guilty Spark seems to think the Humans, or at least the Master Chief, is a returning Forerunner.
6) Why the Covenant so blindly release the Flood.
7) Why the Covenant seem to have no intention of incorporating the Humans into their hierarchy.

Well, there's my theory Mk2. What do y'all think?


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