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Re: So many theories.
Posted By: poopt <>Date: 6/23/03 1:15 p.m.

In Response To: So many theories. (Simpsons Rule)

: The Forerunner symbol is used widely on Halo. Its everywhere.

: Guilty Spark seems to be what we call a "smart" AI. The
: "smart" AIs we have some up with so far, only last 7 years until
: they literally begin to think too much. Now Guilty Spark has been around
: for over 100,000 "local" years. I know the Forerunners were an
: advaced specie but I doubt if even they could come up with an AI that
: lasts that long without it having effects on its "mental state."
: As for it speaking english, well how else could you understand it? I mean
: it's a game. Seriously though, Guilty Spark could just have very good
: translation software far beyond anything we would have come up with.

: Or it could just be one of the estimated seven Halos that exist.

: So many theories have come up. I wonder if we're even close to figuring out
: what Bungie has in store for us in Halo 2. You've obviously put a lot of
: thought into this and its a well thought out theory. I guess we'll have to
: wait for Halo 2 ;)

That's funny, I had the impression that there were a total of four Halos. Why? Well, guilty spark said that the halo has an effective range of like 25,000 light years or soemthing like that. since the milky way galaxy has a diameter of 100,000 light years, 4 halo's would cover pretty much the entire galaxy. However, there might be tiny little pockets of the galaxy, where the halo blasts wouldn't touch. (if you draw a 100 mm circle and draw 4 25 mm circles inside of it, youll see theres a few places it doesnt touch near the circumference of the circle.) Why is this significant? Fact: Earth is in the outer rim of the milky way galaxy. Fact: every planet that the UN has settled hasnt had other alien races (MC seeing the covenant was supposed to be "first contact" according to the book.) Fact: It took many years for the covenant and humans to encounter each other, this is probably because teh covenant were on the other side of the galaxy on a planet that wasn't effected by the halo blast 100,000 years prior.

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