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Re: Whoa!
Posted By: alex crossDate: 6/22/03 11:45 p.m.

In Response To: Whoa! (mnemesis)

Lemme just buffer a few facts as soon as I'm done with this here smoke ;)

*smoking continues. puffs out 7 smoke rings*

Yeah, I couldn't discount the possibility Joe was prolly smokin too when he made the grunt phrases.

And as for the sophisiticated MJOLNIR translator ;) ;), you still must remember that in the book there was another reclaimer taking orders from GS before falling to the flood. For some reason, I doubt the soldier blindly followed orders to gibberish, or was coerced by GS, but then again, GS makes the word "unpredictable" pale in comparison.

And yes, 100,000 years will do something to everyone's system, it's just a matter of what else interacts with GS that determines his end behavior as well.

Now if you don't mind, I must return to my smoke, hahaha. Peace.

P.S. I actually have written a story about a Covenant narcotics trade, the drug is of blue chlorophyll which they call "Moonglow". That should explain a lot. LOL

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