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Re: Cruel mercies
Posted By: Fluke Hawkins <>Date: 3/15/11 9:14 p.m.

In Response To: Cruel mercies (ISitInA)

: To: Cpt********.1465.UNSC.THESEUS
: Classifications: Captain's Eyes Only, Message Archival Allowed, Neural Net
: Upload Permissions Denied
: Attachments: Subject: Cruel mercies

: Captain,

: There's one word in all of what I sent you earlier which makes some people
: uncomfortable: sterilization. I've actually heard the words “cruel,”
: “inhumane,” and “insult to injury” applied to the situation. I can see
: where people might get the impression, but it's actually quite the
: opposite.

: There's always been (not that you'll ever find an official mention of it) a
: sadly reoccurring theme of those who fall between the iterations of the
: program. Unofficially, the most advanced of these is secretly referred to
: as Orion 1.87. She's quite a marvel, and justifiably pissed off by the
: fact that she's been denied entry to the Interplanetary Olympics.

: Simply put, the repression of the sex drive has never been a perfect process,
: and wasn't even considered with all earnest until the Orion-III program.
: It was that program, more than anything else, that taught the critical
: need for sterilization. Specifically, after the third birth and subsequent
: second suicide that it became a rule.

: We augment these people down to the genetic level and beyond. With the
: Orion-III program, those born from the participants were born with rather
: intense genetic defects... when they weren't stillborn.

: Sterilization wasn't to deny them the ability to have children. It was to
: spare them the pain and misery of the sort of loss that only a parent can
: feel.

: On a brighter note, I'd like to say that the only people who ever knew where
: 23 Zulu was located were Orion-IVs. Every generation knew of its location
: (leading to the very real possibility that the first generation taught it
: to the later ones) and refused to tell. ONI never found it despite intense
: searching. The only clues we ever got was a few years back when a group of
: IVs returned to Reach. This was right after we were able to get life
: growing there again. All three disappeared, and despite the Olympus
: facility being completely destroyed, they later revealed that 23 Zulu was
: still there. This leads us to believe that it is some sort of underground
: facility, though again, we have no evidence.

: Last year, the pictures of select Orion-IVs were copied from a secure
: database (and their remains disappeared, when applicable) just before A419
: made a visit to Reach. Comparing known couplings (no matter how brief the
: coupling lasted) showed a completely accurate match.

: We turned a blind eye to this. No matter how much the brass might have pissed
: and moaned, those of us who remember stood resolute. The last surviving
: first-generation Orion-III, who serves on Board meetings as an “adviser,”
: reinforced this with beautiful ferocity.

: I wish I could pass you the video. An old man, his uniform impeccable,
: lifting a two-star by his lapels and threatening to put him through a wall
: the hard way, while several members half-heartedly tried to talk him down?
: It's enough to put a tear in your eye.

: Sincerely,

: Chair

: *************
: Note by Hive: BZZT! Captain, I have encountered additional encrypted data
: within this message. The encryption keys are old enough to be added to my
: own databanks upon my creation due to our frequent status in the outer
: regions of humanity's occupied zone, in case we encountered any of the
: number of missing ships from the war. Below is the unencrypted message.
: *************
: She's there. All of her. So is a picture of you. I like to think she's happy
: there with you. And I would have ripped him a new one myself if he would
: have gotten on A419's case about it. You, and she, deserve that much
: respect, and more. So much more...
: *************

So what's the timeline on OIIIs vs Spartan IIs? Were there any issues with Spartan children (and I'm assuming at least one SII had kids)?

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