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Re: If they retcon one more bloody thing...
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 10/5/09 7:28 p.m.

In Response To: Re: If they retcon one more bloody thing... (scarab)

I'm with scarab on wanting something more like the H1 Elites, if Elites are to make a further appearance at all. In H1 they were scary and their movements were animated beautifully, but with H2 they became somewhat humanized and lost the scare factor for me. They also lost their bounding gait and instead tended to mince along with odd-looking short steps. Even if still made to speak in English - which I expect Bungie would insist on at this point - Elites could be scary again, but I think Bungie would really need to take a fresh stab at it, not just tweak things. If we were just getting the H3 Elites again, I'd find that quite a downer and wouldn't really be able to look forward to fighting them particularly. Actually it would be nice if the Brutes could be made less buffoon-like also. If they could be made more scary and serious - rather than the hapless figures of fun I currently view them as (like space monkeys who happened to find some lethal hardware to fool around with) - I'm sure I could enjoy fighting them a lot more than I currently do.

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