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Re: My theory on it all...
Posted By: Stephen L. (SoundEffect) <>Date: 6/9/08 6:16 p.m.

In Response To: My theory on it all... (DHalo)

: First off, the Gravemind says he has listen to "much talk...through rock
: and metal and time."

: That tells me that he's being alive for quite a long time. If the
: transmissions from the BWU are to be interpreted as from Delta Halo, and
: the breakout is to have happened right after the Halos activated (100,000
: years ago according to the combined time records of both transmissions),
: this Gravemind HAS existed for 100,000 years.

: "I am a monument to all your sins..." may be referencing the
: Forerunner through the Chief with a collective "you",
: considering the Chief is the inherited descendant of the Forerunner. But
: what sin of the Forerunners? Their sloth and inaction. If the Gravemind
: really is that old, then he is composed not only of the new human and
: Covenant corpses that have arrived, but of Forerunner bodies from the
: past. The ones taken over because they could not defend themselves. And
: that was their own fault.

Cortana also uses the same line. Interesting extrapolations of meaning all around. New information implies the Gravemind discovered on Delta Halo may only have been around for about 300 years. So 300 years ago would be the 'outbreak' timeframe when Penitent Tangent was captured.

The original Gravemind that fought the Forerunner died in that war. The physicality died in the Halo effect. The race memory was preserved and awaited the culmination of a new Gravemind to form.

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