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Extra Marines in AOTCR
Posted By: RocksliderDate: 7/21/06 9:58 a.m.

New level 5 fun at Bad Cyborg...

Seven extra Marines and a hog

Boris recently alerted me to how he was sometimes getting four extra Marines in the first snow battle of AOTCR. Wow! I'd never heard of getting extra Marines before. But it was unreliable (as Boris had noted), so I started investigating. And to cut a long story short, I was amazed to find a quite different method that gives you seven extra Marines, plus an extra Warthog if you want it (not that getting an extra hog is new, I realize). That makes ten Marines in the first area, and a whopping eighteen eventually (or sixteen if you wisely eliminate the idiotic snipers before they shoot everyone else in the back). Quite a sight! You can enjoy fighting through the level with your massively boosted squad. Read all about it in Seven extra Marines and a hog.

Plus new lines from Sarge!

There's a great little bonus to enjoy with that trick, namely this 16-second all-clear speech from Sergeant Johnson (normally destined to be dead, as a Pelican Marine), when you polish off the enemy:

"That's the last of 'em - area secure. Stand down team! (pause) They did their damnedest that's for sure. This is all that's left of my platoon. The Covenant are down here in force, and they brought plenty of toys. I wouldn't have given us a snowball's chance until you showed up Chief."

Has this been heard before? Is there a dialog expert in the house? Where's Captain Spark when you need him? Because this line exists, it suggests that maybe Bungie originally hadn't planned for the Pelican guys to automatically be dead, and that Johnson would potentially be the one to announce the all-clear. Somewhere along the line though, the Pelican guys became doomed (maybe Bungie didn't want the Xbox to strain itself), and hence you normally only get something from a standard Marine. Can anyone shed any light on this theory?

Three extra Marines and a hog

I've also posted a method of getting Three extra Marines and a hog, which I came up with around the same time. Ok three is fewer than seven, but don't dismiss it; there are a few advantages in regard to fighting the immediate battle.

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