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Back to the basics of the basics of the...........
Posted By: Philip Greenberg <>Date: 7/14/05 2:00 a.m.

In Response To: Re: hunters dont have the smarts (Scarab)

Now, considering we had the power to look at a human on the molecular level, we'd see a big swarm of symbiotic things molded into one geater being. Our organs are essentially different "beings" coming together with bones and muscles, otherwise labeled "brute force symbioites", to make us, the complex human being. Now, if you take it this way, we are essentially a hive mind. Our brain is composed of several different sections, reserved for specific tasks, yet they can intervene with eachother. Our other organs are essentially the same, aside from the fact that they handle the physical portion, though they posses a small intelligence. Intervention, as I stated above, is caused via situation. Our responses are in two major groups: mental and subliminal, both of which are buffered by instinct. Per se: If a lion spots you, and roars. Your first instinct would be to run, provided by the instinctual part of the brain, peppering you with mental images like the lion chewing on you fresh carcass. The instinctual part also affects some subliminal functions in our bodies, ergo, the ones our brains do not control most of the time. In this case, adrenaline enzymes are mixed into our system, which makes our heart pump faster, and other organ's tasks will go to standby (like digestion, for example). These two combined make us "haul ass". Our brain can override this action if you have the intelligence or traits that would not make you readily run.

Now, apply this to Lekgolo. There could have been one organism (a symbiotic mass of smaller organisms, and we go on.) In order to become the terrifying 12 feet (8 feet if it senses a threat) larger organism, the Lekgolo, it must go through a process. This process starts with asexual division. Cells split into two effigies of itself, and then they merge, making a larger cell. This is growth. We all started as one cell, and we did that whole thing in mama's womb (or where ever <<;;). If you think about it, growth and symbioticism are one and the same, just that they are on different scales. Lets go back to humans. Mothers give birth, which is essentially asexual division, but there is more asexual division unto itself, making the baby into a similar creature that it's main stem was. This person will work together with other persons to accomplish different things. For example, people have sex to make more children. That is the REPRODUCE command. Cells work together in the same way, it's just that they started with one. That one split, and then merged, and then split into more, then merged. It's like a community of people. They get larger. An ecosystem of plants and animals (and other forces) is the same as an organ, but on a larger scale. These scales are all the same, except for size. Then again, the reproduction command could be the ONLY command. I'm effing scared, now.

Anyhow, back on track. (I'm confused, too. Don't worry >>) The Lekgolo main stem (Or the core worm, as some of you put it.) could either grow it's other worms, which are already merged with it. Otherwise, it finds a suitable creature, which it could assimilate into itself in many ways. (This assimilation could fail, and the other creature assimilates it. But this is the Lekgolo, as it will be in the game. It was the dominant factor, and won every attack thrown at it, and every attempt at assimilating another being into itself. We eat food for energy. That's essentially assimilating other plants and animals into ourselves to become a wholer being. And our communities in life make a wholer "being" composed of our level of beings (i.e.: what we call humans, animals, plants, etc.) ) As there are many diverse creatures in the world, they can be taken in and assimilated, for different purposes.

Think Starcraft. The zerg started with worms. (COUSINS!!!!! >< YESH, I KNEW IT ALL ALONG!!!) Those worms became those structures. Those structures acted as organs for the hive. The hives were diverse, and acted together as the whole Zerg-fricken-Swarm. As for the different units, the Zerg assimilated other beings unto itself (considereing the zerg as a being. This is a defferent assimilation level then hives, strains, species, etc.)
One of the broods discovers the gentle brontolith. They assimilate some, and find that they are excellent for creating engines of destruction, the Ultralisk. They quickly assimilate the rest, and this idea of cell structuring is verified and stored in the logs of intelligence posessed by the Overmind. Then the Overmind sends this building instruction to other specific swarms, so that they have better offensive skill (the "hands of the swarm", kinda.). The brontolith being is assimilated into the hive being, which is assimilated into the brood being, and then into the overmind being. And this successful development is used to upgrade the other branches of the swarm, which are connected to the hive stems, which are connected to the brood stems, which is connected to the main Overmind stem. Say the swarm has already integrated a few speicies into itself (like the Sand Runners, which became the Zerglings. Sorry if that original species was incorrect, I can't remember them all.). Then finds another stem of beings on multiple levels, which the Zerg attempts to assimilate into itself. Remember, there are many methods of assimilation. The Zerg swarm might encounter no resistance, and a willing assimilation of the creatures which would become the overminds, or the brain of a zerg attackforce within a hive, or a section of a brain in a hive (there are multiple overlords, kk?), and a section of a section of a brain in the brood, and so on. As the levels of assimilation are increased, there are more complex memory beings made. For example "X number of overlords=1 Queen". In this case, the overlords are the sections of the Queen, which is the brain of that level of assimilation. In this case, it is a more physical representation. The overlords are independent of the others, yet they are all part of the queen. They all send the different info to "her". And then, the same thing happens. Several queens make up the "brain" of a cerebrate in a physical sense. The other zerg critters do the same, but they are the "non intelligence organs" of that level, but if you go to a lower level, they do posses seperate sections of their brain, other brawny sections, etc. Those sections of that zerg creature all posses their own sections, as you go into smaller levels.

Wait, didn't I say i'd get back on track? Oh, wait. Look at this speech. It's a prime example. There are many sections, going off on different routes, but then they all draw back into eachother to make my point, which is the mainstream. But my mainstream connects onto this topic, along with the other sections that we've been talking about. This topic is the mainstream of a bigger level. But his topic is in a bigger myriad of topics all relating to the SPECULATION part of the forum. The speculation part, along with the other sections, each of those sections possesing their own subsections, make the forum. And this forum mixes with other forums to make a big myriad under the label "HALO FORUMS". And then the Halo forums mix with scifi shootemups to make the "SCIFI SHOOTEMUPS FORUMS" and we go on.


That was another section helping to make my point, though not as effectively as the others. It's like a random stupid post in a forum stating "HI I LIEK PIEZ!!!111one". Those unnecessary sections are removed, or replaced with something better, like a normal post replacing that retarded post. Or it could not be removed, merely just assimilated into that better version.

Going back to that zerg thingy. Saying that the predecessor to the hydralisk was hostile, yet the Swarm realized it could be a good addition. It fights them and FORCES it into the swarm and the whole "spawn this mutated critter" chain of command repeats. We have a hydralisk problem, huston!

Also, the Zerg could innovate. Say they meet some odd creature resistant to assimilation, because it's own clusters of beings on beings were too powerful to allow a slip up (Like the protoss. Either they have a strict code not allowing the zerg to assimilate them, as a moral system. Otherwise, there is an underlying "moral" system that is resistant to assimilation to the Zerg being itself, making the protoss a threat to the zerg, because the protoss could defeat and assimilate the Swarm into itself, by rewriting several extremely underlying protoss genetics and weapons, etc. The swarm would fall on instinct, and attack the Protoss, attempting to weaken it enough so their being can be consumed and assimilated into uber protoss. However, if the protoss were killed, or they resisted assimilation for a long, LONG time, the zerg could make their belated copy, to attempt a different assimilation method, to attempt to make their protoss effigy whole, to in turn make the entire swarm whole, and so on.

Gping back to the lion scenario. We could live to fight another day, maybe even to kill and eat the lion, and assimilate its life unto ourself to become a stronger being, so that our communities could become wholer, and so on. On the other side of the spectrum, the Lion kills and eats us, assimilating ourselves into it, so we contribute to the welfare of the lion's tribe's mainstream, which then would contribute to the lion's species's mainstream, and so on.

Back to the Lekgolo (hopefully). It assimilates the gazri-kha, a fast creature from the dunes. This creature is assimilated into the Lekgolo to make a bigger, more complex version of the Lekgolo, ergo, a higher level Lekgolo. More beings are assimilated into its being, and it eventually becomes what it is today....

Sorry if I missed the entire point of this discussion. I hafta sleep. I guess I could come back here and add more if you want.... oh Gosh, my head is ringing.... *faints, simultaneously hitting the post button.*

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                                         Back to the basics of the basics of the...........Philip Greenberg 7/14/05 2:00 a.m.
                                               Wu: was that the longest message to date?Scarab 7/14/05 7:52 a.m.
                                                     No way that's the longest.DanteThePoet 7/14/05 1:28 p.m.
                                                           Roight. I'll write fanfiction someday for y'all.Philip Greenberg 7/14/05 11:10 p.m.
                                                                 Re: Roight. I'll write fanfiction someday for y'alScarab 7/15/05 1:14 a.m.
                                                           Re: No way that's the longest.Scarab 7/15/05 1:11 a.m.
                                                                 Shishka used to be a Fr!orum Regular! *NM*DanteThePoet 7/15/05 12:30 p.m.

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