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Re: The importance of organic reclaimers
Posted By: Wado SG <>Date: 5/3/05 7:16 p.m.

In Response To: Re: The importance of organic reclaimers (ajenteks)

: We also know that the Flood can infiltrate electronic/computer systems.

: That's the only real thing I can disagree with in your theory.

: How exactly do we know this? From what I've seen, it seems that the Flood can
: use electronics and computer systems, but no better than any other organic
: being can. And I think the evidence supports this: 1. The Flood were using
: Captain Keyes to try and pilot T&R, not by trying to use a Flood AI (for
: lack of a better term) /infecting it's computer systems.
: 2. We've never seen infected Sentinels.
: 3. It did not appear that Gravemind had infected 2401 Penitent Tangent, but
: was only holding it.

So, how exactly was the Keye's Blob supposed to fly the T&R, his good looks? Just kidding. Good points but still something tells me that the Flood not just steal and use memories but also can interface with electronic systems. If it was so simple as them pressing buttons, how did they defeat the security locked doors in the Halo level 343 Guilty Spark. They blew up some of them, but I mean the one that the marines opened in like a second but said the Covenant really tried to lock it down. Remember they didn't use Cortana, and Cortana takes a few minutes on the T&R to break the 128,000 bit encryption to unlock the doors to the hanger bay while you have to fight two very irritated Hunters. Just how is a marine's electronic lock pick suppose to open a Covenant locked down door that quickly?

: The best evidence to support your statement would be: 1. Gravemind's use of
: Halo 05's teleportation grid. He could have just been pushing buttons,
: then again, he might not have been either.
: 2. The surprising resistance Cortana faces in the High Charity's systems?
: Flood intrusion? Hard to say, but given the tenacity and strength the
: Flood have in all other venues, I would be surprised if the Flood could
: not overpower Cortana if the opportunity was there for them to do so.
: 3. Gravemind's voice was being projected over High Charity's intercom system.
: Was it maybe just using a microphone, just like the Prophet of Truth was?
: 4. In the ending cinematic where the tendrils are advancing towards Cortana,
: in an attempt to infect her? (Of course, if they were already in High
: Charity's systems, why use tendrils to visibly advance on a holographic
: representation of Cortana?) Or were they maybe just reaching to pull the
: plug?

And don't forget they are repairing the POA, at least 343 GS says so. Look at the POA crashed, it ain't fit to fly, but the Flood are still considered a threat enough that they could repair it enough to fly it. Well then, again, maybe mere humans could do that too...hmmmm..

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