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Re: I know where that's from!
Posted By: Sparkypinball <>Date: 4/5/05 11:55 p.m.

In Response To: I know where that's from! (gspawn)

: Somebody help me! A while back on the forum, someone said they wanted to
: design a level for Halo (or, had submitted one?). It was that exact setup,
: and in their notes they said "the player will have the option of
: traversing the bridge on foot or going to the underside and duking it
: out" or similar.

: I even remember to original image, but forum searching is almost always a
: mess for me... ummm... ummm... *thinks*

: My memory fails me beyond this!
: I'm so going to be beating myself up over this one until I find it.
That is EXACTLY what I thought when I saw that image... Randy Glass.

It was originally found at his site, but it seems that he took it off.

After some searching and reading the source of the webpage, I was able to get this Click News, and go down to the bottom where the falling chief is, and you will get to his mission that he desinged

If it is Randy's mission, then that is very cool.

It looks very similar though.


Sparky's Guides. Go Read them. Or Not.

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