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Re: Amazing
Posted By: Guilty Spark <>Date: 4/5/05 4:52 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Amazing (Count Zero)

: "floodzone" is almost certainly the Quarantine Zone itself. It's a
: zone, and it has flood in it.

: This is a problem (the wrong texture being used for some geometry) that can
: spotted in both games in several places, once you go far enough off the
: "normal" path.

: (Also, just a reminder that Bungie would prefer that items extracted directly
: from the game data files not be posted here.)

I don't think so. This picture isn't big enough to be a background image for the level. And that structure in the center leaves too many questions to be taken lightly. I think bungie wanted this to be found. I remember and interview with a bungie personel, said something like some of this stuff in the game can only be see by "cracking the game disc" and looking at the bits of code and algorythm inside.

Anyway, I bet this is some kind of clue to the origin of the flood or something else. The spec on this should begin immediately.

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