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Re: Help Learnify Me, Pwease
Posted By: Michael M. <>Date: 9/26/04 7:27 p.m.

In Response To: Help Learnify Me, Pwease (FrogBlast)

Hey there FrogBlast,

I guess absence makes the heart grow fonder, doesn't it?
Well, the name's Michael M and it's a pleasure to meet you. I joined HBO a few months after you left. Although it was a really stupid introduction, I truly hope I've become better since then. I'm nothing special, but at least I'm far better than I was in those days.

Well, I'll be your tourguide today and I'll show you all the wonderful things that have been happening around HBO in your absence. Prepare for a truckload of links!

Late into 2003, MorningStar decided he would make an entire section dedicated to archiving all of Skav's stories. It worked a dream. So, I'll link you with the more memorable ones from there.

So, it all started with a TV.
So, he wrote a monster tale on the forum which was soon the hotness of the month. He split it into four parts:
Part one
Part two
Part three
Part four

After you're done reading that, BOLL whipped up a little suprise for you...

It's a shame she came after you left because you would have really loved her stories. She's an awesome writer and no doubt she'll fly far.

Here are some more memorable stories:
An HBO Halloween
The Blood Gulch Gig
An HBO Christmas
The Story of an Artist

If you read through these, you'll see she really has potential and she can go real far with writing...

Wado SG:
A great writer with some entertaining reads. There's one in particular where he pieced together all the clues dropped off by Bungie to put in the Halo storyline as we know it.
More reads:
March of the n00bs -- I'm the main character!
March of the n00bs part 2a
March of the n00bs part 2b

Ch-check it out!

Michael M:
Heh. Yeah, that's me. The reason I put myself up is because I made a two-part story a few days ago. It didn't get much feedback, but oh well, everyone who read it thought it rocked. Zeta said, "Teh pwn".
The reason I give you these links is because I think you may like the ending...

Don't Dance With the Devil's Heir Part I
Don't Dance With the Devil's Heir Part II

Well, you've got a lot of reading to do, so I would recommend saving this URL onto your desktop so you can come back later when you feel like it to read them.

In you absence, there were a lot of competitions spinning around the community.
Here are just a few of the more memorable ones:

The Great Halo Scavenger Hunt -- Ah, the memories are coming back. Boy oh boy, that was an awesome competition. The objective was to find little hidden 'trinkets' or secret links embedded around websites in the Halo community to win prizes. Ah, how I miss the days of competitions like that.

The Plinth of Art No doubt by reading the replies above you've heard about stuntmutt's One One Se7en strip and it's amazingly bad puns. Well, for a while there was a competition going to find the person who could suit art to One One Se7en the best.

Going nowhere fast -- You would love this. It was a competition held earlier this year where people competed to score the best run time on a level. Ever done four minutes on Silent Cartographer?

Big News:
Curse his soul! Remember the former editor of OXM, Frank O' Connor? Yeah, well, now he works for Bungie. From the start of the year, he has been a journalist for Bungie alongside Sketch.
In the style of Halo 1, he decided to make a weekly progress report on Halo 2.
Starting from here, he's still writing them to this date. The full archive is listed here. I wish I was bald...

The new
In April, Bungie decided it was time for a makeover and released the new! It works a dream, and the new features are way more helpful! Stop by and check it out!

Shishka + Bungie= h8 j00:
A few days ago, Shishka was hired for the position of Contract Designer for Bungie. Jealousy ensues.

Remember former Bungie Employee Alex Seropian? Well, now he's back.
Apparently, their next game will be made on the Halo engine! Wooh!

He dislocated his knee, and it hurt:
KP is half the man he used to be. Well, from the knee down, anyway. Oh, yeah, be sure to let him know if you have anyone who can be his girlfriend.

Nightmare Armor:
Say, do you have $3000?

I hate insects of all kinds:
What? Me? An ILB link? Don't look at me! Search the news yourself!

Well, I've filled you in on every tidbit of the Halo commmunity that you've missed out that I could. Good luck with the future, Froggy!


PS- Ross sucks.

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