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G1 tic tac toe (solution?)

Posted By: TheMaz
Date: 10 June 2001, 20:40

did a little google searching for tic-tac-toe and cryptology hoping for a hit... and i found this:


it describes a "centuries old" cipher called the Masonic Cipher. The cipher uses two tic-tac-toe boards and two X's to encode letters... I'll let the website explain it all. The interesting thing was that the symbol for the letter O is the 6th tic-tac-toe box (the c-shaped one like in G1) with a dot in the center. This is the first time I've seen any tic tac toe reference that has symbols inside the square (like in G1) that code for a letter.

Expanding on this... Chelsea said she was going to play three tic-tac-toes at a time. The Masonic Cipher uses only two boards... so something is a bit off. However, if you take the letters encoded in the two x's and redistribute them in a third board, you get a cipher containing three boards. The only thing left to do is mark the third board in a way to distinguish it from the other two. Perhaps Chelsea's cipher does this using an I? If so, the G1 center would resolve to X.

The only problems i can see is that this is a logical leap to mark the third board with I, and that the third board would be incomplete... the last square would not get filled. But, to prevent another G4-like delay...

Is G1 = X?


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