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Posted By: MartinDate: 5/28/18 1:38 a.m.

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: From an in-story perspective, I have to wonder what lengths the Not SO would
: have to resort to in order to get the Galaxans to stop shooting at him.
: And why can't the Galaxans tell he's not a Pirate, anyway (besides the
: lack of physics models, obviously)? He's obviously not as tall as them,
: and I imagine he doesn't give off the exact same heat signatures they
: would.

: I'm not too bothered by that logon image, but maybe that's just 'cuz I
: haven't played StarCraft. XD;

I played StarCraft II before I, and the original story of II was a real exercise in why we don't usually tell non-linear stories. You had way too much freedom in choosing the order of missions, which could lead to characters missing completely when you finished the game, and they had a couple of branching bits where a character died or they did not. It made the main thread of the story and character motivations totally unconvincing, and didn't exactly do wonders for their canon but they kept at it and made the story even worse. At least the missions tended to be fun.

No real comment on the Overmind pic, just thought I'd get that out for the first time in years :). And I think any further scenarios we attempt to ToD are going to involve non-linear stories - the main reason I have not played Rubicon or Eternal very far. While impressive, it sucks for the completionist in one.

It is a shame we cannot play through this level exactly as intended, but I think it is fair to say that grenading up to the BoB is closer to that than heading straight for the terminal but not being able to read it. Is there some way we can fix it with map editors? Or fix A1?

That secret is pretty secret, well done getting there. I'll have to play the level again to check if I did manage to get there randomly. We've scored quite a lot of ammo from the various secrets now - dare I say we're a little reliant on them?

Not far to go now. For the next one I've written up a directed path, but it can be a tax on the ammo given the vacuum conditions and continually respawning Pirates and Galaxans. To be fair on the non-friendly Galaxans thing, Durandal gave us pretty much the same story in M2 - for the same technical reason?

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