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Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/16/16 8:17 a.m.

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: The S'pht were enslaved by the Pfhor. Thus they are now a client race
: of the Pfhor, and no longer an extent client race of the Jjaro.

The Nakh were enslaved by the Pfhor as well, and in fact they were enslaved millennia before the S'pht were. The S'pht were enslaved around 1811 CE, according to the Marathon Timeline Page, but the Nakh are reported to have revolted approximately five thousand years earlier, around 3200 BCE (which, for a point of reference, is about the same time that you first start to see what can rightfully be called Ancient Egyptian civilization). This means the Nakh were probably actually enslaved well before that, and this implies that the Pfhor Empire must be many, many millennia old by the time we get to see it.

Another, interesting implication in all of this is that the region of space the Nakh inhabit must not be far from the location of the Pfhor homeworld, at least relatively speaking, for two reasons: the first is exactly what I was describing earlier - they are enslaved much sooner than the S'pht and probably sooner than a lot of their other slave races, thus suggesting they were situated closer to Pfhor space. The second reason is what I mentioned in another post, namely that Pfhor Battle Group Three was required to "[hold] the approaches to the Pfhor homeworld itself during the slave revolt of the Nakh." Why would the Pfhor homeworld be in danger of attack by the Nakh, unless the Nakh were widely present in regions near the Pfhor homeworld? This suggests, to my mind at least, that Nakh space is a close neighbor of Pfhor space.


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