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Posted By: PerseusSpartacusDate: 5/15/16 7:31 a.m.

In Response To: Re: De Ceteris Gentibus... (Philtron)

: Good point. Is that an error on Bungie's part? Or a clue leading us
: towards the Tru7h???

I don't think it was an error. The impression I get from that terminal is that the Nakh were the last client race the Jjaro had before they vanished from the galaxy, and then, countless centuries later, the Pfhor encountered them and set about enslaving them. The Nakh rebelled, of course, leading to a major crisis in the Pfhor Empire, one in which Battle Group Three (according to the M2 Manual) was needed in order to hold the approaches to the Pfhor homeworld itself. Sure sounds like a pretty serious revolt.

Now, some have used Durandal's description of the Nakh to say that this suggests somehow that the Jjaro were slavers, like the Pfhor. This seems somewhat odd, to be honest. 'Client' and 'slave' aren't really the same thing, exactly. The way I picture it is that the Jjaro uplifted a number of species (including the primitive S'pht and the Nakh) and then watched over them in some kind of protectorate. At worst, that relationship might have resembled the relationship between the Roman Republic and the other Italian city-states - the Italians weren't slaves, they were allies/clients who served an admittedly lesser but still important role in the Empire. Similarly, the Jjaro seem to have relied on S'pht and (presumably) Nakh labor, but it is strongly suggested that they were quite benevolent towards their client races and did try to protect them, unlike the Pfhor, who merely exploited and abused their slaves and used them to fuel their imperial economy.


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