Re: Marathon video tutorial: a suggestion.
Posted By: MartinDate: 6/21/15 10:43 p.m.

In Response To: Re: Marathon video tutorial: a suggestion. (Dispatcher)

: I forgot to mention such tricks as grenade hopping, rocket jumping, low Gee
: flamethrower flight, fist hitting accessible switches, using weapons on
: less accessible switches, double hitting door switches to keep them open,
: double wielding/ firing weapons; that sort of thing. One could use various
: maps to illustrate various techniques of gameplay, or perhaps even make a
: custom map/ level in which the tutorial takes place.

Sounds like a lot of fun for the right candidate but I've not done any video stuff myself, and have a hell of a backlog with ToD writings and the like lol. Having said that, I agree that a video showing some of those gameplay elements would be fantastic.

Watching N&BS on their adventures I do often think "I would have tried to turn that switch off again up front to check its behaviour" and such things ;). Of course in that latest level they were saved by the fact that they didn't hehe.

There would also be things like aiming including with grenades; some stuff on secrets and trying to tab every wall; stuff about running over gaps for rudimentary jumping; using the map to work out where you might go; the water physics, and tricks like KYT or Thing What Kicks; powerups; the types of enemies; learning what spawns enemies and taking advantage - like the last room of Feel the Noise; working with multiple heights and awesome map design - like Six Thousand Feet Under; and so on.

Yeah, that's a lot lol.

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