Re: Marathon video tutorial: a suggestion.
Posted By: DispatcherDate: 6/21/15 7:25 a.m.

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I forgot to mention such tricks as grenade hopping, rocket jumping, low Gee flamethrower flight, fist hitting accessible switches, using weapons on less accessible switches, double hitting door switches to keep them open, double wielding/ firing weapons; that sort of thing. One could use various maps to illustrate various techniques of gameplay, or perhaps even make a custom map/ level in which the tutorial takes place.

: I had looked online for a video tutorial for the Marathon series (or at least
: one of the trilogy; perhaps Infinity would be best due to the features not
: included in the first two games, just not the outdated tools). I don't
: mean a "let's play" video, although I enjoy some of those; the
: most recent being the co-op play by Narcogen and Blackstar. Is there such
: a video as I'm suggesting?

: Sure, I know how to play the games. I'm thinking about people who have yet to
: encounter Aleph One and Marathon (2) open source. While I'm sure that most
: people could download and install the game(s) and click through the
: Preferences to figure out most of the controls, I think that a lot of
: people might enjoy a quality video which addresses the basics of the
: interface, gameplay, objects, terminals, films, multiplayer and etc. Such
: would be more engaging than reading the old Infinity manual as a PDF on
: Bungie's site. Besides, such a video could show features allowed in the
: most recent Aleph One build.

: While I know how to capture audio and video and edit, my ancient Mac would be
: barely up to the task. Besides, even though I frequently visit You Tube,
: I've never had an account there and I think that the site is probably the
: most popular of all the general video sites out there. I also think there
: are people a lot more talented in this area than I.

: I'm wondering if anyone here would be interested in doing such a video;
: perhaps even "guided" by the good folks who are active in the
: continuing development of Aleph One? It could be done as a collaborative
: effort or by a "lone gun" who has the skills to make a quality
: product which would entice people to grab the game, play it and spread the
: word. I for one like the idea of such a video.

: How do YOU feel about such a project?

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