Let's Play Halo pt 6—Assault and 343
Posted By: VikingBoyBillyDate: 6/7/15 6:02 p.m.

Assault on the Control Room
I would have been your daddy

What's this level name supposed to mean? Some guy at bungie wanted to get into my mom's pants?

Anyway. it's a snow level! Yay, because this is Mario and we need the standard Ice World. Here we get introduced to tank play, which makes you feel hilariously overpowered, but (go figure) slow as a tank. There's the marine Scorpion tank, but there's also the covenant tanks to make your life hell. Are they called Wraiths? The manual doesn't mention them, but I read some conversation about non-PID wraiths here, so that's the name I'm assigning them, because Cortana calls them "covenant tanks."

Cortana somehow deduces that whoever built the control room designed this sector of the ring to have a freezing climate to keep out intruders. Okay, you can get this information by yourself, but we need to have a covenant guard blab in front of Keyes to know the control room even exists?

I get confused trying to find where to unlock the door wandering around outside, but it turns out the button was right in front of the door. Well played trolling, Halo, well played.

Rolling Thunder

There's a big giant tower I thought was important, but it turns out there's nothing necessary inside it and you're supposed to go around it to a path on the other side. I like things like this. Not everything in a map has to be mandatory or exist only for a game purpose. All that's in there is an invisibility cloak that's useless because it doesn't make your giant scorpion tank invisible.

If I had a super weapon...

...I'd make somebody pay =)
If you're fast, you can steal a banshee and take a shortcut to the pyramid that is neither Aztec or Mayan (slick design, I must say). The door on the bottom is locked, so just for fun I flew back up to take the long way because I really need health and rocket ammo to be rewarded with... nothing. Cortana has a voice clip telling you to steal a ghost you could have missed, so there's that. I guess the door was locked on the outer side so it wouldn't sound weird for cortana to say that if you were going in!

Holy Cow! Some extra hunters appeared outside the pyramid, too. I guess the long way is rewarding for the masochists. But sleeping grunts appear that weren't there before... what? They just decided to walk all the way to the middle of the pyramid and take a nap within the last five minutes? Okay.

Inside the pyramid (the control room is the only room there. No big labyrinth with multiple floors, unfortunately) Cortana goes a bit rampanty when she creepily talks about the ring the way Durandal gushes about pfhor technology. It's not just a weapon; it's much more than that, and it was built by someone called the forerunners. The covenant found something dangerous under the ring, and for some reason Captain Keyes is off somewhere else looking for a weapons cache. When did he say he was going to do that? I thought we were all looking for the control room, here. Something fishy's going on, 'cause they kept me and the MC out of the loop, here, which I know because the MC is just as confused as I am. Almost makes me wish we could have seen the SO's reactions to Thoth's dialect... almost. I'm also confused during this cutscene because the MC is somehow holding an AR when I walked in holding a Rocket Launcher and a needler.

Cortana says that Keyes is going to uncover the dangerous thing instead of the weapons he wants, so we have to go stop him. Yep, it's one of those "no time to explain" contrivances for the sake of suspense.

343 Guilty Spark
Well Enough Alone

I'm doing two chapters in one writeup! They took my rocket launcher away, so I'll make them pay! Except I can't, because I don't have it =(

So, this area is cool. There's some interesting plant life that really looks alien here and we get to wade around in shallow water. The curious thing is there's several crashed ships, both marine and covenant, and we see explosions coming from something offscreen killing some covenants. We find the covenants running from a building, but they didn't see me yet, so what are they running from? We go in and go down a long elevator, and other than a few jackals here and there, this place feels eerily empty.

We find a marine! But instead of explaining what's going on, he shoots at us and raves like a madman. "You won't turn me into one of those things! Stay back, stay away! Just play dead, that's what I did. Leave me alone..."

So. Something is wrong here.

We're shown via cutscene that the automatic doors are a game abstraction, as MC has to press a button on a panel to open it.

We get a well executed piece of exposition via some poor guy named Jenkins helmet video feed. Leroy? We are shown that the marines installed that panel on the door to force the lock open, and the lights were already green so I'm a little confused about how the doors work, but the covenant tried really hard to keep that one locked. Leroy Jenkins gets the whole party killed by a horde of tentacled monsters.

The Flood

The Cthuhlhu Spawn break through a door, and it looks like the door locked behind us, so we just have to stand and fight! And... it's easy. Did the marines really have a tough time with these guys? They kindly left their ARs for us to use, so why not?

The door they came from is just an empty room, and when we kill them all, more blast through another door from an empty room. So they're all stuffed in these empty rooms? I doubt bungie wasn't expecting us to peek inside. When the door we came from finally blasts open... Zombies! Covenant Elite Zombies! Yikes! It's the s'pht engineered virus! Our new mission objective... >>Escape!

Our escape route succeeds, sorta, but Chief Quimby must have been on the elevator shaft because it self-destructs!

Some boxes were cleverly rearranged below the bridge so I could climb back up. Running around underneath just leads to more dead ends. Finally, FINALLY, I got a shotgun, and you ain't got one. How long has it been, six chapters and we got rocket launchers before the shotgun was introduced?

We find another elevator, but it takes us DOWN, and there's zombie marines with guns at the bottom! These guys feel worse than the chaingunners from Doom 2. We finally find an exit and there's a group of marines at the top to help us through the jungle... and now I really notice they suck at using the AR, it's like they don't even keep their finger held down on the trigger.

Some flying machinery shoots lasers at the zombies and we meet a floaty robot thing, 343 Guilty Spark, who tells us someone released the flood and his job is to prevent them from leaving this installation. Then he teleports us to The Library to do... something.

The Library
The Library

Did I say two chapters? Make that three.

Our job is to >>Follow the Monitor to the Index, so I'll do just that. We see some zombie grunts, which look hilarious, and they took my shotgon! It mutated into a pistol! What the holy xibalba is going on here! This made sense when each chapter ended with getting into a marine (or covenant) dropship, so getting restocked/switching weapons was implicit, but whatever. 343 Guilty Spark is a wizard. That's the explanation I'm going with.

If you follow Guilty Sparks like he tells you to and rush it, you'll get flooded (pun intended) by zombies on all sides and die. Instead, you need to take your time and clear each area slowly, because guess what? Guilty Spark is a patient little AI who will hover in one place and wait for you, so it's cool.

I gotta say, GS sure does have a personality to him, as in he's a sociopath that's either ignoring my plight or taking pleasure in it. "This portal is the first of ten. Ahahahaha!" Oh, he enjoys it. He even said my combat skill less than class 12 and unsuited for this kind of work, is that a jab at me playing on Heroic?

It gets worse

Eventually get the mission >>Hold Your Position until the Minitor Returns. That sounds foreboding, but he comes back quickly, actually. I run into a zombie with a SPNKR!

But I don't want to ride the elevator!

This place was built to contain the flood. 343 Guilty Spark is very happy that some flood survived to reproduce.

Fourth Floor: Tools, Guns, Keys to Super Weapons

Guilty Spark is a total A$$hole and flies through a partially open door to make me take the long way.

We grab the Index and almost turn on the defense system to kill the flood, but Cortana appears and tells us the system starves them to death by killing their food — it wipes out all life in the galaxy (except the flood who are immune, I'm presuming). Guilty Spark confirms this is true. Guilty spark then orders his drones to keep my head and destroy the rest.

Two Betrayals

Four Chapters. Last one on this writeup.

They took away my AR and gave me a plasma pistol. At least they let me keep my shotgun. The reason they did this is because a charged plasma shot takes down a drone. I gotta ask... if I came here without a plasma pistol, shouldn't that be my own fault? Are these things impossible to kill without it? They feel like it, but that is such immersion breaking design. This kind of oddness wouldn't happen if I could just keep all the weapons at once.

The Gun Pointed at the Head of the Universe

Cortana tells us we need to destroy Halo, and her plan is to make the fusion reactors on the Pillar of Autumn and the Truth and Reconciliation blow it all up. I wonder if this would be enough to kill the flood? I somehow think they'll still be a problem after the ring is destroyed.

So... this entire time, the Index was under the control room, and we had to insert it into the control room's controller. So the pyramid did have a labyrinth after all, and I just played it! Oh, Guilty Spark, you troll, you.

Leela tells us there's three towers in this area that amplifies the Halo's power to send death pulses across the galaxy, and we should destroy them. Only to buy us some time, though, because "the monitor" (Guilty Spark, not sure what his name is now) will repair them. I have to destroy the pulse generators by... walking into them. Yeeeowch.

Breaking Stuff to Look Tough

Cortana Reveals that the "navpoints" are not another game abstration, but a thing Cortana is putting on my visor to direct me. Yes, we are going to rerun this entire map backwards.

The Tunnels Below

Cortana tells us we need to find captain keyes and his neural implants to explode the PoA.

What's really cool is that useless tower I mentioned up at the beginning can only be accessed again using a banshee, and there's some health inside! Plus, one of the doors is unlocked, so maybe I just didn't find that.

Final Run

I go crazy with snipers and SPNKRS and blow up the last pulse generator. I just paraphrased the last hour and a half of my night respawning.

Cortana figures out how teleportation works from the ring's technology and wire's up the MC's suit to teleport him into the covenant ship, because that's where Keyes is, and he's alive. The covenant are here trying to stop the flood from taking the ship and leaving Halo. Hmm... ship control glanding, still alive, and zombie parasites. This could be bad.

Next is Chapter Keyes, the Subtitle is Under New Management (yeah, I'm calling them Chapters and Subtitles).

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