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Posted By: JabberwokDate: 1/23/14 5:15 a.m.

In Response To: H.P. Lovecraft's Robert Blake (VikingBoyBilly)

Aside from the name, that description makes me think more of Richard Grey (aka The Master) from Fallout.

: I just read the Haunter in the Dark.

: In the story, Robert Blake finds a crystalline Trapezohedron in the
: windowless steeple of an abandoned church. The trapezohedron was brought
: to earth from Yuggoth (pluto) and looking into it shows him images of
: realms beyond the cosmos and into the darkest reaches of Azathoth's lair.

: He leaves the trapezohedron in the steeple and at night a Haunter in the Dark
: begins lurking in the church. It avoids the light, and won't leave the
: church because of the street lamps. The police investigate the church, but
: find nothing. At night Blake randomly wakes up in the church from
: sleepwalking and hears the Haunter in the Dark creeping in the steeple.
: The thing calls for him, but Blake gets awakened from his hypnosis by any
: hint of light coming into the church.

: One night there's a thunderstorm, killing the power in the city. A black
: cloud in the sky flies to the east, and Blake's corpse is found in his
: study. He died of an electrical shock, even though the power was out and
: the window was closed and unbroken. In his last journal entries he wrote
: that the thing is coming for him, he is the thing and the thing is him.
: Dark is light and light is dark. The last thing he wrote is that it's a
: demon wind - a Titan thing with black wings, and curiously, a three-lobed
: burning eye. The hintings at what this is sounds a lot like the alien
: possessors from Strife, if any of you have played it. I say it's pretty
: spot-on.

: It's kinda hard to make out here, but this is the only screenshot I could
: find:

: So what can be concluded from this? Well, Robert Blake left Earth in his new
: body into the outer worlds and hitched a ride on a passing meteor to
: possess the denizens of Strife and feed off the planet to sustain his
: form, then fled to another world to start a new order feed on for some
: hundred or so years until a psionic prince returned from exile to banish
: him. In the last weakening years of his alien life, he settled in Tau Ceti
: to transfer his consciousness into a human mind in a converted moon,
: renaming his host Robert Blake.

: As for the three-lobed-eye bit... it kinda reminds me of those buttons on the
: pfhor ship pf M1.

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