Re: What ARE Simulacrums?
Posted By: GodotDate: 12/9/13 6:05 a.m.

In Response To: Re: What ARE Simulacrums? (Godot)

: As for the origin of Simulacrums. Back in the early days, I remember Jason or
: someone else at Bungie saying that Sims were humans with their guts
: scooped out and filled with explosives. That kinda got morphed into
: synthetic humans in Marathon 2. Probably because the former origin was a
: little too unpalatable.

: Marathon really is a gruesome game. ;)

Ah yes… here's the reference. The 1st eWorld Conference Transcript. Jason Jones = BungieCorp.

Peter A.: What gave you the idea for exploding BOB's?

BungieCorp : well, we hate bobs and couldn't think of anything more fun than having them get their guts scooped out by the aliens and packed with dynamite and sent back to the marathon on a kamakazi mission. cool, huh?

Hence Reg's dissected Bob sprites, including the ultimate badassery of the crucifixion sprite.

Marathon is a truly evil game. No wussy Marathon 2 here.

Eat your heart out ID software. ;)


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